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Programming Error with IVF Flight Attendant Vacation Accrual

Nov 21 - It has been brought to our attention by the company that a programming error has been identified resulting in the assignment of vacation accrual to those Flight Attendants returning to JFK from Involuntary Furlough status (IVF).

De-Stress Your Holidays with AFA EAP

Nov 21 - The holidays can be fun, but they also can be a source of great stress. Here are some common holiday stressors and suggestions for managing them.

Reserve Letters Reassigned at DEN, LAX, NRT and FRA

Nov 21 - Today’s announcement of the 12/30/14 release date for all remaining Flight Attendants who were awarded the Early Out at LAX, DEN, FRA, and NRT, will require some adjustments to ensure that vacations and Reserve Letters are assigned to Flight Attendants remaining at these locations.

Second Round Early Out Release Dates Announced

Nov 21 - Today United announced the second round of release dates for those who were awarded positions in the Enhanced Early Out Bid.

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