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Mental Health Screening Tools – A Message from AFA EAP

Date: July 7, 2017
Type: AFA Article

Have you ever wondered if you or someone in your family is experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition? Mental Health America offers free and confidential on-line screening for a number of conditions including:

  • Depression Test - For individuals who are feeling overwhelming sadness
  • Anxiety Test - For those who feel that worry and fear affect your day to day life
  • Bipolar Test - For individuals who have mood swings-or unusual or extreme shifts in mood and energy
  • PTSD Test - For those who are bothered by a traumatic life event
  • Parent Test - For parents of young children to determine if their child’s emotions, attention, or behaviors might be signs of a problem
  • Psychosis Test – For young people (age 12-35) who feel like their brain is playing tricks on them (seeing, hearing or believing things that don’t seem real or quite right)
  • Eating Disorder Test - For those who would like to explore eating related concerns that have an impact on your physical health and overall well-being

If you would like to discuss a mental health concern or the results of one of these screening tests, your AFA EAP is available for a confidential discussion at 800-424-2406.  Your local AFA EAP committee members can also be found on your local council’s website.

This information was adapted from Mental Health America’s website.

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