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Important Notice

Section 22 (Personnel Files) and Section 23 (Investigations and Grievances) to Be Implemented September 28

Effective September 28, 2017, 0001 Home Domicile Time, Sections 22 and 23 will be implemented for all Flight Attendants. The processes set forth in the JCBA with regard to dispute resolution pertaining to non-disciplinary actions, contract matters and company policies will apply. Attendance and dependability will be tracked using the point system for all Flight Attendants in the electronic work history.

  • The electronic work history and performance records will be available via CCS for pre-merger CO and pre-merger CMI Flight Attendants. 
  • Pre-merger UA Flight Attendants will continue to access their electronic work history and performance records via Unimatic until Common CMS. 

We recommend all Flight Attendants familiarize themselves with the Dispute Resolution, Attendance and Performance Management Flight Attendant Guide which contains detailed information regarding these processes. You may download the guide here.

In addition to the above changes, all Flight Attendants in active discipline will have that discipline converted in accordance with the Discipline Transition and Conversion Letter of Agreement 10 (page 307 in the JCBA). 

For pmCO and pmCMI Flight Attendants, detailed information regarding the conversion can be downloaded here

For pmUA Flight Attendants, detailed information regarding the conversion can be downloaded here.

For questions and assistance with this process, please see your Local Council representatives.

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