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Settlement of Aircraft Identification Error

Date: May 16, 2017
Type: AFA Article

As was reported on January 13, 2017, an aircraft identification error resulted in the improper assignment of five (5) 737-900 aircraft as pre-merger United Aircraft when, in fact, these aircraft should have been identified as pre-merger CAL aircraft.  Since January, discussions between the Union and management have been ongoing as we have worked to obtain a better understanding of the events that occurred and the impact of this assignment error on both pre-merger Flight Attendant groups.

All parties involved in the assignment process, including Inflight, Labor Relations, and AFA, implemented a number of actions including a mandatory sign-off process before the designation of aircraft assignment will occur in the future to ensure errors of this type are never repeated.  All scheduling up to the point of full integration will be consistent with the terms of the Contract.

We are today able to report that the company and the Union have reached an agreement on the resolution of this issue.  Preventative measures have been put in place to avoid any recurrence of this type of assignment error in the future.  In addition, a review of the facts revealed that aircraft hours for these five airplanes were assigned and flown by pre-merger United Flight Attendants when those hours should, in fact, have been assigned to and flown by pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants during all or parts of the months of October, November and December 2016.

In settlement of the issue the company has agreed to pay all domestic and Spanish language qualified pmCAL Flight Attendants on the System Seniority list as of the October 2016 and who worked as Flight Attendants for any period of time during the October through December 2016 bid months from a Flight Attendant Settlement Fund established in the amount of $711,000.

  • The Settlement Fund will be divided among the eligible Flight Attendants in proportion to the amount of their earnings during the October through December 2016 bid months.
  • All settlement funds will be dispersed as qualifying wages for purposes of 401(k) and Profit Sharing.
  • Taxes and other required withholdings & deductions will be withheld from the payments made pursuant to this settlement.
  • These payments will appear on the mid-June 2017 paychecks.

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