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Managing Attendance and Performance Under the Point System

Date: September 26, 2017
Type: AFA Article

The attendance policy Section 23.F. of the JCBA is easy to understand and administer, and provides consistency in how Flight Attendant absences are handled. All absences from work or work-related assignments (e.g. illness, injury, missed meeting, missed training, missed trip) and tardiness (e.g. late check-in, late boarding aircraft, late boarding aircraft causing a delay) are assigned a point value. Further, attendance matters will be managed separate and apart from other performance issues unless your position in both tracks, attendance and other performance, reaches significant levels.

The specific point values for attendance-related occurrences are as follows: 

Occurrence                                                                          Point Value


Missed Trip                                                                                  3

Missed Trip, but after arrival on same day, picks up trip             2.5

Late Boarding the Aircraft:

Causing a Flight Delay                                                                2.5
No flight delay                                                                             1.5

Missed Meeting                                                                           2
Missed Training                                                                           2
Non-occupational/occupational illness/injury:
More than 6 calendar days                                                          2
6 calendar days or less w/out physician’s note                           2
6 calendar days or less w/physician’s note                                 1.5                                           
Late Check-in                                                                              1

If a single incident impacts more than one attendance occurrence, the greater point value will be applied. For example, if oversleeping causes you to miss your trip (3 points), and a meeting with your Supervisor that was scheduled before that trip (2 points), you will only be assessed 3 points for the missed trip.

Conversely, if you are late for check-in, you will be assigned 1 point. Then, on the way to your flight, you stop to purchase coffee at Starbucks, causing you to be late boarding the aircraft. You will also be assigned 1.5 points for that occurrence (or 2.5 points if you delayed the flight). This will result in a total of 3 (or 3.5) points.

Points will continue to accumulate for occurrences even if Attendance Warnings (see Section C of this booklet) have not been sent or received. If a point assessment is deemed unjustified, the Company will correct your record and adjust any imposed discipline as needed.

Note: If a Flight Attendant utilizes sick time for care of a spouse or minor child per Section 13.D.7 of the JCBA, the absence will be treated the same as the Flight Attendant’s sick leave and will count for attendance/disciplinary purposes. 

Additional information, including a copy of the Flight Attendant Guide and Q&A’s are available to download on unitedafa.org.

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