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Clarification of the Point System – “Points are not discipline.”

Date: October 27, 2017
Type: AFA Article

On September 28, 2017, Sections 22 and 23 of the JCBA covering Personnel Files and Investigations & Grievances was implemented for all Flight Attendants. The new process is set forth in the JCBA as it pertains to dispute resolution of non-disciplinary actions, contract matters, and company policies.

Attendance and dependability are now tracked using the attendance point system, electronic work history for pmCO and pmCMI. Since the Implementation of the point system, Flight Attendants have been reporting some confusion on how the new system works. The first point of clarification Flight Attendants need to understand is that “points are not discipline.” Points accumulate for occurrences. Attendance Warnings 1-4 are the discipline.

Point Accrual

Level of Discipline

Remains in Effect

Six (6) or more points in a rolling 12-month period

Attendance Warning 1

12 months of active service

Twelve (12) or more points

Attendance Warning 2

12 months of active service

Eighteen (18) or more points

Attendance Warning 3

18 months of active service

Twenty-four (24) or more points

Attendance Warning 4

24 months of active service

Thirty (30) or more points

Letter of Investigation issued for


Once an Attendance Warning has been issued it remains in effect as specified above at which time it will be cleared from the attendance record, unless the Flight Attendant progresses to the next level of discipline.  Additionally, points that trigger each warning will count toward the next point threshold.

Note: Months are counted by calendar day. For example, an Attendance Warning 1 issued on January 15, 2018, would expire at the end of the day on January 14, 2019, assuming all of that time was active. Additionally, when a Flight Attendant exits a step of discipline, they exit with zero points. 

Additional information, including a copy of the Dispute Resolution, Attendance, and Performance Management Flight Attendant Guide with Q&A’s are available to download on unitedafa.org.

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