Reservation for 9/11 Shanksville Memorial Event

On September 11, 2001, this nation was struck with a devastating tragedy that will forever affect our lives. As each year passes, we continue to stand strong in our pledge to Always Remember and Never Forget. On September 10, 2017, a Commemorative Memorial journey to the National Flight 93 Memorial Park will depart from Newark Liberty International Airport. This will be a two-day event. On the first day of our journey, Flight Attendants will attend the Sound Breaking Ceremony for the Tower of Voices. This is the final phase of the Flight 93 Memorial. That evening, we will be honored to attend Luminaria, where 40 candled lanterns will be graciously carried to the Wall of Names and placed under the name of each of our Flying Partners, Pilots and passengers of Flight 93. The next morning, we will attend the September 11 Memorial Observance Ceremony, where the names will be read as the Bells of Remembrance echo through the silence of the final resting place of Flight 93.

Flight Attendants will have ample time in the Visitor Center, can walk the final flight path of Flight 93, or silently pay their respects. Please consider joining us, as we stand together, humbly bowed in remembrance, in honor of our Heroes of Flight 93. Always Remember, Never Forget!

NOTE: If you are still interested in attending, please contact for a possible standby reservation.

To participate in this two-day Memorial event, please fill out the reservation form. There is a one-time, non-refundable cost of $35.00 dollars per person. This fee covers your reserved, round trip motor coach seating, double occupancy hotel room and snacks and drinks while in route.

Please note: Single occupancy hotel rooms are available for a non-refundable cost of $70.00 and includes: reserved round trip motor coach seating, single occupancy hotel room and snacks and drinks while in route.

Deadline for registration has passed: Please contact Robyn Varner 502-758-9961 or email: if you are interested in attending.

Departure from EWR, Sunday, September 10th, 8:30am
Arrival back to EWR, Monday, September 11th, approximately 6pm