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Council 14 - Honolulu

Council 14 Honolulu

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Council Information

Kevin Batey

Kevin Batey

Email: kbatey@unitedafa.org
Home: (808) 263-8030
Cell: (808) 225-1782

Lani Batey

Lani Batey

Vice President
Email: lbatey@unitedafa.org
Home: (808) 263-8030
Cell: (808) 372-8030

Ilse Epple

Ilse Epple

Email: iepple@unitedafa.org

Dwayne J. Myles

Jeanne Castello

Council Representative
Email: jcastello@unitedafa.org

Dwayne J. Myles

Dwayne J. Myles

Council Representative
Email: dmyles@unitedafa.org

Council Office


(808) 263-8030



Mailing Address

AFA-CWA Council 14
(to obtain the mailing address,
please email the council)

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CWA Local Number

CWA Local 29014

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