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Council 20 - Frankfurt

Council 20 - Frankfurt

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Council Information

Michael Blake

Michael Blake

Phone: 202-679-8890 (US) or +49 15772100000
Email: mblake@unitedafa.org

Michael Warner

Michael Warner

Vice President
Email: mwarner@unitedafa.org

Heather McKay

Heather McKay

Email: hmckay@unitedafa.org


Council Office


Frankfurt Airport Center 1
Post Box 44
60549 F


+49 (0) 69 25617067



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CWA Local Number

CWA Local 21020

Latest News

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Paul McCarter ( Chair )

Email: pmccarter@unitedafa.org
Cell US: 786-246-7285

Michael Warner

Heather McKay

Michael Blake


Employee Assistance / Professional Standards

(NOTE: Emails should indicate CONFIDENTIAL EAP in the subject line)

Yuko Dierkes ( Chair )
Email: yuko@dierkes.net
Cell Germany: +49-176-10338920

Burkhard Fleischer                                                                                          
Cell Germany: +49-163-1802528
Email: burkhardaf@aol.com

Stephan Bach                                                                                                                          
Cell Germany: +49-157-73233349
Email: stephanbach@aol.com

Bruno Prevost
Cell Germany: +49-152-07252219
Tel: +33-146-277996
Email: bpgrethen@hotmail.com

Hotels & Transportation

Dirk Schulz (Chair)       

Email: dschulz@unitedafa.org                                                                                   
Cell Germany: +49-176-70569657

Marian A. Drabosenik
Email: mdrabosenik@unitedafa.org
Cell Germany: +49-611-378943

Government Affairs

Kathryn Gill (Chair) 

Email: kathryngill@gmail.com


Michael Blake (Chair )

Marian Drabosenik 
Email: mdrabosenik@unitedafa.org
Cell Germany: +49-177-7379865
Cell US: +1-312-498-3175


Insurance, Retirement & Occupational

Denise De Chantal ( Chair )

Email: dechantald@gmail.com
Cell Germany: +49-611-5055919
Tel US: +1-703-7748177

Michael Warner



Membership Engagement

Heather McKay ( Chair )

 Michael Warner

Chris O'Brien

Michael Blake
Email: mblake@unitedafa.org


Michael Warner (Chair)
Email: michaelams@gmail.com

Beatrice Cristofari
Email: bcristofari@free.f

Maryse Budan (Reserve)
Email: marysebudan@aol.com

Safety, Health & Security 
Sylvia Thiel ( Chair )

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