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Council Information

Shaun McNulty

Shaun McNulty

E-Mail: smcnulty@unitedafa.org

Kim Montgomery

Kim Montgomery

Vice President
Email: kmontgomery@unitedafa.org

Pamela Caponetti

Pamela Caponetti

E-Mail: pcaponetti@unitedafa.org

No Photo Available

Susannah Carr

Council Representative
E-Mail: scarr@unitedafa.org

Laverne Nelson

Laverne Nelson

Council Representative
E-Mail: lnelson@unitedafa.org

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CWA Local Number

CWA Local 21006

Latest News

The information below is maintained and updated by your Local Council.

Help Line: 833-AFAEWR6 or 833-232-3976

 Extensions: 0 EAP/ Professional Standards
                    1 Safety, Health and Security Committee
            2 Occupational/OJI Benefits
            3 pmCO Reserve Committee
                    4 pmUA Reserve Committee
                    5 pmCO Grievance Committee
            6 pmUA Grievance Committee
                    700 Hotel and Transportation Committee
            701 Scheduling Committee
            702 Government Affairs
             703 Insurance and Retirement Benefits Committee 
                    710 President Shaun McNulty
                    711 Vice President Kim Montgomery
                    712 Secretary Pam Caponetti
                    713 LaVerne Nelson
                    714 Susannah Carr
                    8 Directory by name

Grievance Issue? Go to Unitedafa.org, click on Forms, Click on Local Council Worksheet
MEC 847-292-7170

EAP/ Professional Standards

Terry Redwine   973-615-8909
Mary Tyson     908-672-3584
Barbara Vallee   631-664-6564
Concessa Ibanez-Rafuse  201-927-8117
Tracey Selby 727-457-4064
Sandra Marshall 718-930-4184
Deb Gonsales 929-294-5764
Susannah Carr   214-477-3829  

Benefits & Insurance


Amberjoy Brazelton    abrazelton@unitedafa.org
Rose Bompadre  rose.bompadre@gmail.com
Rita Pearl   rpearl@unitedafa.org 
Julie Gittle  j.gittle@yahoo.com

Insurance & Retirement
Amberjoy Brazelton    abrazelton@unitedafa.org
Julianan Petani    jxr109@shsu.edu
Tammy Runco  trbenefits28@gmail.com
Rita Pearl   rpearl@unitedafa.org 

Susannah Carr   scarr@untedafa.org


Freddy Rivera   frivera@unitedafa.org
Randy Hatfield  rhatfield@unitedafa.org 
Rita Pearl  rpearl@unitedafa.org
Kim Montgomery kmontgomery@unitedafa.org

Jay Groth   jgroth@unitedafa.org
Chris Callahan  ccallahan@untedafa.org

Government Affairs

Jennifer Ritter jritter@unitedafa.org

Hotels & Transportation

Michael Desrosiers mdesrosiers@unitedafa.org


Dazne Cajuste-Webster  dcajustewebster@unitedafa.org
Flavia Conty   rconty@unitedafa.org
Diedre Ann Dargan     ddargan@unitedafa.org
Shaun Christopher Washington   swashington@unitedafa.org


Myndal Austin myndala516@aol.com 
Robin Gillinger rgillinger@unitedafa.org
Robbie Dwyer rdwyer@unitedafa.org
Shaun Christopher Washington   swashington@unitedafa.org



Luke Brown          lukebrownct@icloud.com     347-469-7020
Jonathan Reger   j.regerdesigns@gmail.com   267-325-6055


Ashley Bystrom    abystrom@unitedafa.org          208-240-2976
Brain Marchetti     brian.a.marchetti@gmail.com  703-220-3510
Vanessa Vigil        vanessa.vigil11@gmail.com     312-785-0961




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