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Implementation Date for Common Scheduling Platform Announced

Date: June 19, 2017
Type: MEC President Letter

June 19, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Since ratification of our JCBA in August of 2016, the most asked question has been when will Flight Attendants be flying together under a common crew management system. Full integration of Flight Attendants on a common scheduling platform will address many of the individual issues of concern. Make no mistake, full implementation of the integration process has been, and will continue to be, the top priority for your AFA leadership. Senior corporate leadership has been clear that this is their top priority as well - it matters for United's ability to compete. We will not allow our contract to be steamrolled in the process though. This must be done right. 

During bargaining we documented the many complexities that make predicting implementation dates an imprecise exercise, from operational challenges to a multitude of technology platforms.   At the same time and of equal importance, we shared an understanding with management that striving for the earliest implementation possible was the goal because it is good for Flight Attendants and the company.   

Members of the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) and subject matter experts from United and AFA have been working closely and collaboratively since ratification to accurately define, develop, test and deliver highly complex changes to the thirty-seven systems involved in implementing the new contract. As this work has progressed, more and more specialized resources have been included to ensure work is completed in a manner consistent with what was negotiated.  Because of this work, those closest to the process are now in a position to make an accurate assessment of the detailed steps that must be taken to get to a common scheduling system.

The body of work to be completed is significant.  Getting this done quickly is important.  However, we share an understanding with management that, under no circumstances, are any of us willing to sacrifice quality for speed. There is one opportunity to get this right and this work must be done not only as part of the company’s framework of running an operation that is expected by our passengers, and of which we can call be proud, but also in a manner consistent with what was negotiated. 

"AFA representatives will continue to work steadfastly with management on the implementation of the JCBA. It’s important to know that we are jointly committed to having this contract fully implemented as quickly as we can, while ensuring that we do it right,” said Ken Diaz, AFA MEC President.

We have received a similar commitment from the corporation. Scott Kirby assures us, “Our joint commitment remains the same – not only to complete the implementation, but to do it in as close to a flawless manner as possible. That’s something we all want.”

Today’s announcement that a common crew management system will be in place for the October 2018 bid month may understandably generate questions.  We ask that you direct these questions to your Local Council leadership.  We will be working on putting together the most commonly asked questions and will publish this information on unitedafa.org.

While all of us wish for full implementation to occur sooner, it is a complex process and must be done correctly. None of us want to wait a day longer than necessary before realizing the fully implemented new United. Still, it is ultimately in all of our best interest to ensure the process is completed as negotiated. 

In Solidarity, 

Ken Diaz                            Adam Novish                         Jeff Heisey
President                           Vice President                       Secretary Treasurer

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