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Jeff Heisey, MEC Secretary-Treasurer

Jeff Heisey, MEC Secretary-Treasurer

Jeff Heisey

Mr. Heisey has been Flight Attendant and AFA Member since 1995 after serving in several areas of Customer Service at United Airlines since 1986.

As a Flight Attendant scheduling expert and union activist he previously served as CHAOS™ Strike Co-Coordinator when the United Flight Attendants launched a strike threat in response to unilateral changes to their contract in bankruptcy. Mr. Heisey was instrumental in building a global network of Union members prepared to strike.

While serving as Chairperson of the Union's Schedule Committee for six years he left no stone unturned to advocate for the best circumstances in Flight Attendant schedules and he is respected for his steadfast enforcement of the Flight Attendant Contract. Mr. Heisey works passionately to better the lives of Flight Attendants and stand against any injustice.

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