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Check-in and Aircraft Boarding Times

Date: March 17, 2017
Source: AFA Article

Recently, we have received some inquiries about Flight Attendant check-in and boarding, as well as, passenger boarding times.  Currently we are working under our pre-merger contracts when it comes to check-in times, Flight Attendant and passenger boarding times.  To alleviate any further confusion, we have created a chart based upon each of the three (3) pre-merger contracts which will remain in effect until we are on a Common Crew Management System (CMS). 

Pre-Merger CAL Contract Section 5.B. and Pre-Merger CMI Contract Section 7.B.

Pre-Merger UAL Contract Section 7.I. and Section 12.N.

NOTE: Section 12.N.1. provides for an increase of up to :45 minutes to our Commencement of Duty, at home and/or at a layover point, for specific departing international flights provided this information is published in the lines and monthly bid package cover letter prior to bidding.  Check the monthly key pages for your actual International check-in times.

The purpose of the time between Flight Attendant boarding and passenger boarding is to support the work we do as safety professionals on board the aircraft and prepare for the boarding of passengers in an efficient and organized fashion.

Remember to conduct a thorough briefing with the CSR prior to boarding the aircraft. Establish the boarding time expectation clearly, and confirm the understanding of the CSR as to when boarding will begin.

If you are asked commence passenger boarding earlier than what is listed in your Inflight Policy and Procedures Manual (P&P), do not hesitate to politely decline if you believe boarding early will compromise the completion of your safety checks and the preparation for passenger boarding.   

If you are improperly required to board passengers before the boarding times listed in the P&P or on your IBS, and you are directed by management to board early, clearly state your objection. If the issue is not resolved with the CSR, you should contact a local Inflight supervisor for assistance. If one is not available, you should file a (UAL) Local Council Worksheet (CAL) Grievance Investigation Form with your Local Council.

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