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(CAL, CMI) Reminder - CCS Schedule Sharing

Date: April 18, 2017
Source: AFA Article

Effective May 3, 2017, Pre-Merger CAL and CMI Flight Attendants will have the ability to view (share) each other’s schedules in CCS. Flight Attendants will be opted-in by default for the sharing of schedules in CCS.  If a Flight Attendant prefers not to share her/his schedule, beginning April 15, 2017 she/he will be able opt out of schedule sharing, with the change taking effect with the first day of the May bid month. The deadline to make changes to the schedule sharing preference for the May bid month is May 2 at 11:59 p.m. CDT. Changes to opt-in and opt-out preferences made after this deadline will take effect with the first day of the bid month following the date the change is requested. 

Opting out is not a monthly process.  Any decision to opt out will remain in effect into the future unless and until you elect to make changes later.  

Flight Attendants who chose not to share their schedule will not be able to view the schedules of other Flight Attendants. Those who have elected to share their schedules will be able to see the schedules of Flight Attendants who have also opted to share their schedules. 

To opt in or out:  In CCS, hover your mouse over “Other” in the CCS Main Menu.   Click on “My Preferences” from the pull down menu.  Select “opt in” or “opt out” for the next month schedule. Always be certain to “Save” your selection.  Modifications cannot be made for the current bid month.

Additional information on how to change schedule sharing preferences can be found in the CCS Schedule Share User Guide available on the company’s website from the One United page.

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