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Section 13.C.4 – [Holiday] Medical Verification Now in Effect

Date: November 10, 2017
Source: AFA Article

Effective with the November 2017 bid month, Section 13.C.4, the [Holiday] Medical Verification provisions of the JCBA, harmonized for all Flight Attendants, have been implemented. With the implementation of this Section, the corresponding terms of Section 9.H.5. of the pmCAL and Section 11.I.5. of the pmCMI Agreements are now obsolete. Section 13.C.4. states:

The Company may also require an Absence Certificate for all sick calls originating during the Fourth of July and Christmas holidays, which include July 1st to July 7th and December 20th to January 4th respectively. If the Company intends to require an Absence Certificate for sick calls occurring during such holiday period, the Company shall first notify the Union and give Flight Attendants adequate notice to be posted for the Fourth of July holiday period not later than June 14th and for Christmas not later than December 1st. Flight Attendants who have had no absences in the prior twelve (12) calendar months shall not be subject to the Absence Certificate requirement imposed during these holiday periods.

The first holiday period that could be impacted by the terms of Section 13.C.4. is Christmas 2017. Should the Company decide to require an Absence Certificate for sick calls during the Christmas 2017 holiday period, an announcement will be provided to all Flight Attendants no later than Dec. 1, 2017 and the following requirements must then be met by Flight Attendants calling in sick from Dec. 20, 2017 to and including Jan. 4, 2018:

Please note that an Absence Certificate is different from a Physician’s Note (used for attendance point reduction – JCBA Section 23.F.2.). The Attendance and Performance Management Flight Attendant Guide has details about the criteria and process for the Physician’s Note (see page 7). An Absence Certificate contains personal medical information and must be submitted to United Medical, not your supervisor.  The Absence Certificate can be found on the company’s Flying Together website.

For more information please contact your Local Council Office.

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