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Galley Pay Exception Processing

Date: May 23, 2017
Type: AFA Article

We received a number of questions about the processing of certain galley pay exceptions. As outlined in the Galley Pay App on Link publication, when a Flight Attendant assigned a closed galley position assumes an open Purser position, she/he should contact Crew Scheduling prior to departure and provide the names and employee (file) numbers of the Flight Attendants assuming the Purser position and the bid galley position. Flight Attendants working all other galley positions should request galley pay through the app.

If circumstances prevent you from notifying the crew desk, the Purser should file a DSPFAC indicating who worked the Purser position and bid galley position by submitting names and employee (file) numbers in the remarks field. 

Keep in mind there is an exception to this process when the Purser or designated Language Qualified Flight Attendant works a galley position.  In these cases, the affected Flight Attendant(s) must complete a DSPFAC by submitting the names and employee (file) numbers in the remarks field. 

While perhaps slightly confusing, as provided in Section 12.C.7.h., Flight Attendants assigned to Language Qualified positions work non-premium positions.  Said another way, language qualified Flight Attendants cannot work  bid ( C & D) positions but may work non-premium galley positions.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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