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NGP Supplemental Benefit

Did you know that AFA offers supplemental insurance policies? National Group Protection (NGP) is a Union shop with over 40 years of experience with the airline industry. They offer affordable supplemental policies for:

Accident Protection Plans

  • 24 - hour on and off job coverage
  • Guaranteed issue - no health questions asked
  • Benefits and rates not based on income or age
  • Benefits do not reduce as you grt older
  • Pays regardless of worker’s compensation, medical coverage or any other insurance
  • Plan is portable

Cancer Insurance

  • Benefits are paid directly to you, unless you assign then elsewhere
  • Benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance coverage
  • Family coverage is available
  • Coverage is Portable- you can keep the coverage if you leave United Airlines for any reason, including retirement

Critical Illness Insurance

  • Short-Term Disability
  • Whole Life Insurance

Plan Highlights

  • Individual and family coverage available.
  • Benefits supplement existing plans - No coordination of benefits with employer plans.
  • Portable - Benefits can be continued if members retire or leave the company for any reason (except disability insurance).

Limited underwriting - No physical or medical exams required for coverage.


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