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Standardized Pay Methodology & pmCAL Bridge Loan Information

Date: February 16, 2018
Type: AFA Article

One United

As a reminder, effective with the Feb. 16, 2018 paycheck, Section 3.BB. of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) which covers paychecks, will be implemented. Following the implementation of this provision, all Flight Attendants will be paid for a month of flying over two paychecks: a Flight Advance on the 1st of the month, and the balance of their monthly pay on the 16th of the month with per diem for the previous month. Effective with the change, Semi 1 & 2 payments will be discontinued.

PmCAL Flight Attendants will be paid the following on the next three paychecks:

Feb. 16, 2018: January Flight Pay Balance, January per diem, optional Bridge Loan (if elected)
March 1, 2018:  Flight Advance for February (49.7 hours/24.85 hours based on flying)
March 16,2018: Balance of pay for February, February per diem

Eligible pmCAL Flight Attendantswho electedto participate in the bridge loan will see the amount listed on the left-hand side of their pay advice under an earning code named Bridge Loan. The bridge loan payment will be repaid in 10 equal installments. The repayment amounts will be shown as a reduction to net pay on paychecks starting April 1, 2018 and will continue for the next nine (9) paychecks. 

CMI Flight Attendants will have a minor change in the calculation for the 1st of the month Flight Advance. Instead of receiving pay for either 0, 30, or 50 hours, pmCMI Flight Attendants will now receive pay for either 0, 24.85, or 49.7 hours based on the previous month's paid activity.

Note:  Contrary to certain public assertions and as published in the One United, the Bridge Loan proceeds are both tax free and interest free.

For additional details, including updates being made to the Pay Register and Pay Advice, please review the “Updates to Pay Register and Pay Advice Reference Guide” posted on Flying Together > Inflight Services > One United > Reference Guides, or by clickinghere.

A printed version of the “Understanding the JCBA Pay Methodology for pmCO” brochure is also available at your base.

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