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(CAL) 401K Consolidation Plan

Date: December 20, 2016
Type: AFA Article

December 5, 2016 Fidelity sent letters to Flight Attendants with information on the consolidation of pre-merger CAL 401K investment plans. If you elected to receive Fidelity information via email you would have received your notification electronically. Section 29.I of the JCBA: Active pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants 401(k) funds will be transferred to the United Airlines Flight Attendant 401(k) fund. This participation in the plan will be reflected in your account effect January 1, 2017. The letter highlighted the following key points for you to consider:

  • Investment Elections
  • Deferral Elections
  • Loans
  • Beneficiaries

If applicable, the transfer of your account balance and deferral rate will be viewable the week of January 10, 2017. To review your deferral and investment elections, you can access your account via Flying Together > Employee Services > Retirement Plans or at www.401k.com. You should review your beneficiary designation to ensure that it is accurate. If you find that you need to make a change, please contact Fidelity Investments to do so. If you have a loan, please confirm on your paycheck that the correct loan amounts are being deducted. If you chose not to participate in the new plan, contact Fidelity Investments after your funds have been rolled over into the new plan. For additional information, please call the Fidelity Service Center for United Airlines at 1-800-245-9034. Representatives are available from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Central Time, to help you. 

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