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LECP Letter to SFO Domicile Manager

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December 8, 2006

Jon C. Lovette
Onboard Service, Manager
United Airlines- SFOSW
San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco, CA  94128

Dear Jon:

The San Francisco Flight Attendants are a huge part of United's post-bankruptcy efforts to expand our service, refresh our airplanes, and return United Airlines to the pre-eminent airline of the world.  The sacrifice, hard work, and dedication of United's front-line workers must be recognized if our airline is to achieve its full potential.  Addressing quality of life issues for Flight Attendants is critical to our collective success as an airline.

"There can be no down side to reaching these open seat agreements with other airlines."

Reciprocal cabin seat agreements are of particular interest for Flight Attendants as many have been displaced from their homes due to base closures and surplus.  As you know many of our Flight Attendants commute from cities such as Anchorage, Boise, and Phoenix with limited airline service.  Allowing our Flight Attendants to commute to work in a seamless manner using open seat agreements will significantly benefit our airline as more employees will have the ability to focus on the success of the company rather than expending time, energy, and compensation on getting to and from work.

We know other airlines have expressed an interest in achieving these agreements with United Airlines.  There can be no down side to reaching these open seat agreements with other airlines.  Simply put, reciprocal cabin seat agreements will have a positive and direct impact on operational integrity, employee engagement, and will help restore confidence in the decisions made by management. 

We demand these agreements be made available as soon as possible.  Do not let this opportunity lapse for the success of the domicile and the Flight Attendants in San Francisco. 



Terry Sousoures, President
AFA-CWA Council 11 - SFO

Cc:  Council 11 Membership

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