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Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 35 - Duration


  1. This Agreement shall cancel all Agreements, Supplemental Agreements, Amendments, Letters of Understanding and similar related documents executed between the Union and the Company prior to the signing of this Agreement with the exception of the following Letters of Agreement and Understanding.
Page Subject Date
248 “A” Scale Pay Protection 09/24/91
250 AFA Staff Travel 09/24/91
251 Attendance Points 02/28/12
252 Benefit Plan Modifications 01/07/05
253 CJA Re-Opener 10/02/97
254 Commuter Policy 10/02/97
256 Commuter/ Personal Emergency 05/01/03
259 CRAF 02/28/12
265 Cross Over Hiring 02/28/12
272 Delhi 10/02/97
274 Donation Check-Off Procedures 06/10/03
278 Duty Free Commission 10/02/97
279 Duty Free Employee Discount 11/01/05
280 Early Out 02/28/12
283 Economic Stabilization Guidelines 02/25/76
286 Exchange Rates 02/28/12
287 First Right of Hire 10/02/97
288 Foreign Nationals 03/14/86
291 International Flying Distribution 10/02/97
292 Jetway Trade Expansion 02/28/12
293 Low Cost Operation 05/01/03
296 Non-U.S. Tax Deferral 01/07/06
297 Onboard Research 10/02/97
298 Operation Sideletter - Separate Operations 10/20/97
301 Paycheck Mailing 09/24/91
302 Preferential Bidding System 01/07/05
305 Protection Against Involuntary Furlough 02/28/12
306 Recognition of Intl Domicile Issues 10/02/97
308 Reserve 0500 Re-Opener 10/02/97
309 Reserve Pagers 10/02/97
310 Reserve Preferencing 02/28/12
317 Resignation Special Pass Benefit 05/01/03
318 Retirement-Annual Passes Retired 09/24/91
319 Roth 401(k) 02/28/12
320 Safe Airlines 10/02/97
321 Scope Agreement 03/14/86
323 747 Dumbwaiter 01/09/78
324 Signing Bonus 02/28/12
325 Special Assignment Calculation 10/02/97
326 Taking Tickets Off Aircraft 03/15/84
327 Training Jumbo Qualification 02/28/73
329 Uniform Stripes 05/01/03
330 Wage Garnishment 05/01/03
331 Waiver of Transit Time 10/02/97
332 Workers' Compensation Statements 02/28/12
  1. This Agreement shall become effective February 28, 2012 and shall continue in full force and effect without modification until February 28, 2016, at which date this Agreement shall renew itself in its entirety and annually on each succeeding February 28 thereafter, unless written notice of intended change is served in accordance with Title 1, Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act, as amended by either party hereto within sixty (60) days, prior to the renewal date.

    In accordance with the Expedited Mediation Protocol and Related Agreements, the Parties shall begin preparations for Single Contract Negotiations and shall provide written notice of intended change no earlier than thirty (30) days and no later than sixty (60) days subsequent to the ratification of the Successor Agreement. Negotiations for a Single Collective Bargaining Agreement shall commence no later than one hundred twenty (120) days from the written notice.

    Effective as of the date of signing, all side letters remain unchanged.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have signed this Agreement this 28th day of February, 2012.


/s/ John Nelson
  /s/ Sam Risoli
John Nelson   Sam Risoli
Senior Vice President - Inflight

/s/ Mark Kilayko   /s/ P. Douglas McKeen
Mark Kilayko   P. Douglas McKeen
Senior Vice President - Labor Relations

/s/ Pamela Wilson    
Pamela Wilson

/s/ David Hammon    
David Hammon

/s/ John Perkioniemi    
John Perkioniemi    

/s/ Jean-Jacques Kande   /s/ Gregory E. Davidowitch
Jean-Jacques Kande   Gregory E. Davidowitch, President
United Master Executive Council
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

/s/ Shirley A. Barber    
Shirley A. Barber

/s/ Ken Diaz   /s/ Veda Shook
Ken Diaz   Veda Shook, International President
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

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