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Performance Management and Dispute Resolution – FAQs

  1. When will the new dispute resolution process and point system for attendance be effective?
    The scheduled effective date for the implementation of the dispute resolution process is August 11, 2008.
  2. Where can I access my accumulated points related to my attendance?
    It will be each flight attendant’s responsibility to know her/his own point accumulation. Points will appear in your Unimatic work history (FDWH) for point accruing occurrences. You may view your record of points/or discipline in Unimatic through use of the new RECORD display. You may also contact a supervisor at any time regarding your point accumulation. The RECORD screen will also reflect any discipline you have incurred on the Performance track as well.
  3. Where can I find the worksheet needed to initiate the dispute resolution process? Does the submission of a worksheet guarantee that the issue will be moved forward for review?
    The worksheets will be available in hard copy at your local AFA offices and available to access via the AFA website. It will be at the discretion of the AFA to determine whether the complaint has merit. If the complaint has merit, the complaint will be filed as an NOD (Notice of Dispute) and submitted to the Company for resolution. If it is determined that the complaint has no merit, the flight attendant will be provided an explanation and the complaint will not be brought forward.
  4. Can I negotiate with my supervisor regarding the point total assessed for a particular absence?
    No. A contractual point system is applied to attendance occurrences. The only exceptions are those point total reductions applicable to attendance as outlined in the Letter of Agreement.  For example, an absence that generates 2 points can be reduced to 1.5 points, if the appropriate documentation is provided.
  5. Who comprises the DRC (Dispute Resolution Committee)? What is the role of the DRC?
    The DRC is a committee of four members (2 representing the company and 2 representing the AFA). The DRC becomes involved when a NOD is not resolved locally.  The DRC may resolve a NOD in whole or in part, send it back to the first level dispute resolution participants for further resolution efforts or the DRC may assign it to expedited or traditional arbitration.
  6. Are occupational illness absences included for disciplinary purposes?  
    These absences will always generate points that contribute to the overall point total. However, occupational injury/illness absences will not trigger new or elevated disciplinary action.
  7. If I am issued a LOW (Letter of Warning), what date does the disciplinary action go into effect?
    The disciplinary or effective date of the Attendance LOW is the date of the occurrence that generated the points.  If you are issued a Performance LOW, it is the date of the LOW that determines the effective date of the discipline.
  8. Can a flight attendant be on an Attendance LOW Level 4 and a Performance LOW level 4 at the same time? 
    No, if an event or combination of events would result in that outcome, the event or combination of events triggers a Letter of Charge-Termination.
  9. Will a flight attendant get credit for time served in discipline when their disciplinary record is converted on the implementation date? 
    Yes, time served in discipline prior to implementation date shall apply to a flight attendant’s disciplinary status post-implementation.
  10. If a flight attendant is not in attendance track discipline, what period of time is considered with respect to the 6 point threshold for an Attendance LOW-Level 1? 
    A flight attendant will be assessed an Attendance LOW Level 1 if s/he accumulates 6 or more points in a rolling 12-month period.  The counting of months means to the calendar day.
  11. Where do I turn in my Doctors note for a point reduction on an illness of 6 or less days?
    Notes should be turned in to your supervisor before your next ID.  Additionally, each domicile has established a local process for turning in the Doctor’s note when domicile staff is not available.  Check with your supervisor and/or AFA Local Office for the established process.
  12. If I start an illness absence that qualifies for FML and while on that status I exhaust my FML hours do I get points for the duration of the absence associated with that illness? No.  As long as the absence is continuous, with no intervening flying or calling off sick leave, no points will be assessed.
  13. Can I get a point reduction if my chiropractor writes a note?
    No.  The Letter of Agreement states a “physician’s note means a written notation from the Flight Attendants treating physician or a physician affiliated with United Medical” (i.e. Concentra).

  14. Do I receive points for a maternity related sick leave (ONSL) or Maternity Leave of Absence (MATLOA)?

    If the Flight Attendants advises the Company that she is pregnant (no medical documentation) she will be DNF. Once pregnancy is medically verified the DNF period will be retroactively coded MLS (maternity sick leave) and no points will be assessed.

    Once medically verified and the Flight Attendant can fly intermittent use of sick leave (ONSL) for maternity related illness' will be assessed points. If Flight Attendant qualifies for Family Medical Leave (FML), no points will be assessed.

    The last sick leave (ONSL) that transitions into the maternity leave of absence (MATLOA) is not assessed points.

  15. If I call on sick leave/off sick leave (ONSL/OFSL) and then call ONSL/OFSL with no flying in between how will points be assessed?
    Each on sick leave/off sick leave (ONSL/OFSL) is considered an individual occurrence and points will be assessed to each occurrence.

  16. Will points be assessed for an occupational illness that is related to severe turbulence?
    If there is indication that it is a rare/unique situation, for example, related to clear air turbulence (CAT) with no warning and/or an aircraft accident then no points will be assessed. Each situation needs to be reviewed based on the particular circumstances. The expectation is not that occupationals will be excused; points will continue to be assessed for occupational injuries.

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