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Dear AFA: July 10, 2012

Date: July 10, 2012
Type: Dear AFA

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. A democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Tuesday, July 10, 2012 and this is Chicago, Council 8 volunteer, Taylor St. Theos reporting and together we will do better.

2012 Joint Contract Survey Opens this Saturday

Our 2012 Joint Contract Negotiations Survey will open on July 14 at 1200 CST and close on August 5, 2012 at 1700 CST. A copy of the survey has been mailed to your home. If you have not received your copy of the survey by July 18 for domestic locations; and July 23 internationally, you may stop by your Local Council to pick up an additional copy. The survey will also available to review and download from our website beginning Saturday.

Our 2012 Joint Contract Negotiations Survey includes 68 questions that will help determine the priorities of the Flight Attendants at the new United Airlines. As we have done in our past surveys, there is a section that provides you an opportunity to submit additional comments or proposal concepts on any additions, changes, deletions or desires – both for and against any possible direction negotiations may take.

Your feedback is crucial, and will help our representatives on the Joint Negotiating Committee guide the course of our Negotiations. Your feedback through this survey and face-to-face conversations with your Local Leadership is your voice during the Negotiations process. We encourage you to use the online version, as the survey is quite comprehensive. This method provides an easier ability to resume where you left off and then complete the entire survey at a later time. Remember that your responses will be held in strict confidence.

What does it mean to be Reassigned

As we all know, during the operation flight schedules can fall apart, and while frustrating, reassignments are part of our job. When United’s operation causes all, or part of our ID(s) to cancel, resulting in a misconnect, or becoming illegal for our scheduled trip; our Contract outlines procedures for reassignment. Sections 8.J. for domestic and 12.I. in the international operation apply when at your home domicile. Away from home, Sections 9.I. and 9.K apply for reassignments domestically, and 12.Q. and 12.R. for the international operation.

Any reassignment must ensure you remain legal for your next scheduled assignment. The reassignment must also comply with legalities including 35-in-7 and 8:30-in-24 domestically; and 24-in-7 and 1-in-7 for both operations. Additionally any reassignment must fall within your monthly maximum.

Reassignment procedures very based on a number of factors, and we have compiled a comprehensive article on the nuances of knowing your way around a reassignment situation. More information, including examples, is available on our website.

Filling of Open Positions

Section 9.F.7. of our Contract provides the guidelines on how to fill an open Purser position. Whether in a briefing on or off the aircraft, filling of Open Purser positions are filled as follows:

  1. The most senior Purser qualified Flight Attendant who elects to fill the position
  2. By the most junior qualified Reserve
  3. By the Flight Attendant who picked up the position through Open Flying process
  4. By the Most junior purser qualified Flight Attendant on board
  5. By the most junior Reserve

In the event there are no Reserves on board, the most junior Lineholder will be involuntarily assigned to the open position. In some cases you may have two junior Lineholders and a senior Reserve. The senior Reserve is required to fill the open position if no junior Lineholder elects to fly it.

Once the purser position is filled, it is held by the person assuming it at briefing until she or he leaves the crew, even if she/he is not qualified. This means that a Flight Attendant who is purser qualified or more senior may not take the position from a non-qualified or more junior Flight Attendant who has assumed the purser duties and is mid-sequence of an ID.

Remember that the open purser position may be filled by any Flight Attendant on the first segment of an ID, even if the most senior Flight Attendant qualified who wishes to work the position is on a different ID or mid-sequence in her/his own ID that started in a different domicile. Follow the provisions of Section 9.F.7. and instructions on FAIM Supplement page 23 when filling open premium positions at briefing.

United’s New Wellness Program

United introduced a new wellness program this past Monday, July 9. The program is offered to employees and eligible spouses and domestic partners. The program is voluntary and confidential. It is designed to encourage you to take steps towards more healthy living; and includes activities that assist in incorporating healthy habits into your routine. The program is free and will allow you to check baseline health numbers, blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index.

A schedule of their program is as follows:

  • A personalized wellness website available beginning on July 23
  • Free health screening events at various locations, beginning July 23 through August 20
  • Wellness competitions, beginning August 20 through October 15
  • An online health assessment, September 1 through October 22

Our website will direct you to the information where United is promoting free health screenings and provide directions to register online. United also intends to send invitations to participate to employee homes with information about incentives for the program, including eligibility for prizes such as cash or positive space tickets. Another continuing component to their wellness program will be the availability of flu shots for active employees in the fall. Taking care of your health is always beneficial and we suggest your participate in the program if you are interested.

That’s all for this evening! Thank you for calling. As we move forward together, management must recognize the value that Flight Attendants bring to the world’s largest airline. We will stand strong together to achieve an industry leading Single Contract for all Flight Attendants at the new United.

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