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Dear AFA: July 31, 2012

Date: July 31, 2012
Type: Dear AFA

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. A democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Tuesday, July 31, 2012 and this is AFA London Council 7 President, Anthony King reporting.

Joint Contract Survey Closes in 5 Days

Have you taken the survey yet? If not, there is still time and we encourage you to participate now. The survey is currently open and may be accessed through our website www.unitedafa.org; however, it is being conducted by an independent, third-party balloting specialist. The results of the survey will be kept confidential. Remember, the survey will close this Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 1700 CST.

Participation in the survey is one of the benefits of our democracy. Not everyone involved in our Joint Contract Negotiations have been provided the same opportunity you have to participate and express their priorities which will determine the direction of our negotiations. Our Members of the Joint Negotiating Committee need fresh input from you, and cannot rely on data collected for a different, past negotiations for establishing the direction we will pursue for a combined Collective Bargaining Agreement. Time has passed and priorities may have changed since we last asked for your input through a survey, and now is the time to affirm or change your priorities and let our negotiators know.

Eventually, each of us will be asked to vote on a Tentative Agreement. Undoubtedly, strong opinions will be expressed about the merits or detriments of differing provisions of that Agreement. Without your input now, are you prepared to accept only considering a Tentative Agreement that is based on the priorities of your peers, but doesn’t necessarily reflect your own concerns? Without putting your own personal finger-print on our priorities through participation, are you prepared to simply accept or reject whatever may come your way?

So let’s dispel the rumors and social media hype - If you think your opinion doesn’t matter, it does. If you think it’s not worth your time to take the survey, it is. If you think that your priorities won’t be included regardless of whether you respond or not – if no one indicates they are a priority, then they definitely may not be included. Don’t sell yourself or your flying partners short - your participation matters a great deal.

Make absolutely no mistake, management is committed to a very different outcome than most of us ever wish to see the light of day. We diminish our ability to succeed without the strong support and participation of a strong, unified Membership. It is a fact, that without our collective support the outcome of our Contract negotiations will be swayed in the favor of a management that has our best interests at the very bottom of their list, if at all. This is an outcome we must actively work to prevent, and an advantage we will not allow them to gain.

Participation couldn’t be simpler. You can submit your responses on the Ballotpoint system, accessed through our website or through our Dear AFA phone system. If you prepare your responses ahead of time using the survey mailed to your home, (also available in it’s entirety on our website) you can finish inputting your responses in less than 30 minutes. If you have questions contact your Local Council and ask them. If you have a problem accessing the system, contact our Survey Help-Line at 1-800-624-3907, Ext 545.  

You have until Sunday to participate before this opportunity is no longer available. While there will be additional opportunities in the future and throughout the process, this critical first step will be behind us. When choosing to take the survey, do so for yourself – invest in the outcome of our negotiations for a better Contract and a better future for yourself. Do not allow others to determine what content will be included in the next Tentative Agreement presented for your consideration.

Take survey now

Read more information about the 2012 Joint Negotiations Survey on our website. Ensure that your voice is heard and take part in our negotiations.

New Contract Implementation in August

Beginning in August, changes included in our new 2012-2016 Contract provide the ability for Reserves to RDO an assigned ID with a Lineholder (Section 10.D.5).

To submit a RDO trade request you will need to use Unimatic command DSPFAI. Once a RDO request has been submitted, any Lineholder Flight Attendant may pick up your trip and the request will be processed automatically. If your trip has not been picked up two hours before the departure time of the specific trip ID, you will need to fly your trip. Once the RDO trade is awarded you should see ‘CNF’ in your line of flying and a reduction of your guarantee, based on the length of the number of days of the trip (4:20 per Reserve day in a 30-day month and 4:07 per Reserve day in a 31-day month). 

For more information about this new Reserve provision please review our Contract Education article on this subject, available on our website.

FAOM Bulletin #3

Bulletin #3 is available in all Domiciles system-wide. This bulletin includes a number of time sensitive policy and procedure changes and clarifications that take effect on the effective date of the bulletin, August 15, 2012.  

Please be sure to take the time to thoroughly review, insert and record Bulletin #3 into your FAOM before the August 15, 2012 effective date.

Summer MEC Meeting Update

The 2012 Summer Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) is taking place today through Thursday, August 2nd at the Hyatt Rosemont in Chicago. Your Local Council President, along with the 13 other Presidents from around our system, are currently addressing issues important to you and the business of our Union.

Today, reports were given by the United MEC Officers and Members of the Central Schedule Committee. The Members of the MEC also reviewed and discussed a number of issues affecting Flight Attendants in the workplace during the Open Discussion portion of the meeting. Tomorrow, we will have reports from the Government Affairs, Uniform, Contract Interpretation, and Negotiating Committees, along with a Safety, Health and Security Discussion. The MEC Meeting will conclude on Thursday with Professional Development, Committee work and action of agenda items.

Additional information regarding the topics discussed by your leadership will be posted on our website in the Meeting Summary area as they become available.

New Transfer & Moving Packet

This past Thursday, the initial transfers were awarded to the new domicile in Houston (IAH), TX. This is the first time a new United Flight Attendant domicile has been opened since Tokyo/Narita. The company has recently updated their Transfer and Moving Packet to reflect the current processes and procedures consistent with Section 22 of our Contract. This packet contains important information about initiating your move, expense reporting, and the eligibility and authorization for a company-paid move. Download the new Transfer and Moving Packet from our website for more information.

That’s all for this evening! Thank you for calling. Remember: One Airline. One Contract. Building Our Future Together!

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