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Call-In Reserve Preferencing Update

Date: October 16, 2013
Type: AFA Article

AFA Representatives continue to work with company scheduling representatives towards the implementation of our Call-In Reserve Preferencing System.  While the process has been slow, essential attention to detail and accuracy is being dedicated to ensure the system functions as we negotiated and complies with all of our Contractual provisions.

Over the past several months, many issues and problems have been identified and resolved, through the complex testing process.  However, there continue to be unresolved issues involving Call-In Reserve assignments immediately preceding the end of the schedule month.  These end of the month Call-In Reserve assignments involve the transition from Reserve to Lineholder or Reserve to Reserve status and those scheduling processes differ from assignments made earlier in the month.  In addition, these assignments made in the days preceding the end of the month are made within a more compact timeframe which does not provide the same opportunity to test the assignment process over an extended period of time in the same way that can be done across the larger part of the schedule month. 

This shorter time period, combined with the transition in status adds a dynamic of complexity to this phase of testing.  Further testing that can only be accomplished during this period at the end of the month is essential.

To the best of the knowledge of the AFA and company representatives working on the project, we believe we have identified the problems and IT solutions are expected to be in place prior to the end of this month.  This will provide for an additional opportunity to further test the Call-In Reserve assignments at the end of the month within this new system. 

Decisions on an implementation timeline are dependent on how successful the end of the month testing proceeds at the end of October and what additional steps or fixes may need to be put in place.  While we recognize the frustration you are feeling, the process of compliance testing for accuracy is critical to ensure we have the system we not only negotiated but that Flight Attendants deserve.

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