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Irregular Operations (Sections 9.K. and 12.R.)

When irregular operations prevent a Flight Attendant from working her/his assigned flight, our Contract provides for the steps to be taken to cover the open flight. Sections 9.K. and 12.R. address specific situations based on the operation, domestic or international, as well as where (the location) the irregularity is occurring.

Irregular Operations at a Domicile Point (Sections 9.K.1. and 12.R.1.)

  • Domestic Domicile Point
  • International Domicile Point

At a domicile point, when a visiting Flight Attendant for either the domestic or international operation is unable to connect or is illegal for her/his regular flight, protection for that flight is to be provided in the following order by reassigning another Flight Attendant who must remain legal for her/his own next scheduled flight.

  1. First, move up another Flight Attendant from the same domicile as the regular crew on the flight to cover the open position(s). Assign the replacement Flight Attendant’s now open flight to the Flight Attendant(s) who cannot connect to her/his own return flight.  If not, then,
  2. Move up a visiting Flight Attendant from another domicile, which will not further interfere with either crew’s schedule and when the flights are to the same general destination.  If not, then,
  3. Move up the first available home Flight Attendant for whose flight the visiting Flight Attendant will be legal, assigning that flight to the visiting Flight Attendant when she/he arrives as long as the flights are to the same general destination. If not, then,
  4. Consider the return flight open and assign the visiting Flight Attendant to the first flight for which she/he is eligible under the Order of Assignment, as a visiting Flight Attendant under Section 9.I.3.

The provisions of Section 9.I. of the Contract provides for the assignment of domestic open flying while Section 12.Q. provides for the assignment of international open flying to Flight Attendants in a specific order. The following is a high level overview of the order in which open flying is to be assigned under Sections 9.I. and 12.Q.

  • Converted Flight Attendant
  • A Home Flight Attendant
  • A Visiting Flight Attendant
  • A Home Lineholder
  • A Home Reserve Flight Attendant
  • Drafting

Irregular Operations at a Non-Domicile Point - Section 9.K.2.

  1. Domestic Non-domicile point
  2. International non-domicile within the 48 contiguous United States

When a visiting Flight Attendant is unable to work her/his flight at a non-domicile point due to irregularities or illegalities, open flights will be assigned by Crew Scheduling on first in, first out (FIFO) basis. In a case where two or more Flight Attendants have the same arrival time, assignments will be made based on seniority preference.

  1. Flight Attendants will normally be assigned only to flights toward her/his domicile. If that is not possible, the following order of assignment will take precedence:
    1. To a flight where the direction and destination of the open flight will expeditiously and efficiently return the Flight Attendant to her/his regularly assigned schedule. If not, then
    2. To a flight that is normally flown by her/his home domicile. If not, then
    3. If you are the only Flight Attendant legal to work the open flight, you will be reassigned.
  2. If you are relieved from duty because you have reached your maximum hours on-duty (in other words, you are ‘over duty’) for the day you will be assigned to the first open flight for which you are legal after your legal rest.
  3. If you are not legal for your return flight or your return flight has canceled at your layover station, Crew Scheduling should assign you, as soon as possible, to a return flight that departs no more than twelve (12) hours after your original scheduled departure. However, at your home domicile, this period may be extended by mutual consent of the Flight Attendant and Crew Scheduling at your home domicile.
  4. In a situation where you are required to remain at a non-domicile point to protect unserviceable equipment or to protect the operation of equipment which has become available because of the cancellation of her/his assigned flight, this time limitation will be extended to twenty-four hours.

While the twelve (12) and twenty-four (24) hour time limitations may be extended to permit assignment to the first flight departing the station however, every effort should be made to get the Flight Attendant back to their home domicile as soon as possible.

III. International Non-domicile point outside the contiguous United States

When irregularities occur at a non-domicile point outside the contiguous United States, Section 12.R.2. of our Contract proscribes the following reassignment priorities:

  1. Open flights will be filled on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis from crews headed in the same direction.
  2. When an inbound crew is not legal for their scheduled outbound flight, protection for tht flight will be provided by drafting the first available crew for whose flight the arriving crew would be legal.
  3. In a circumstance where schedule irregularities involve other than the same direction and protection cannot be provided by using Paragraph 2 (above), the first legal crew available will be utilized to provide protection for the open flight.

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