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Immediate Actions

  • Obey, unless the action endangers health or safety.
  • Grieve later.

Insubordination is defined as a refusal to follow a direct order from a superior. You must comply with a direct order from a superior unless an order would endanger your health and safety (or that of your crew or passengers). A direct order should contain several components. You should be told you are being given a direct order, you should be told what it is you are being directed to do, and you should be told failure to comply may result in your termination. If a superior requests you perform an act, which you judge to be in violation of the Contract, establish whether or not such request is a direct order (if possible, in the presence of a witness). If the superior states such instruction is a direct order, perform the ordered act under protest and resolve the dispute later through the Grievance procedure. Contact an AFA Representative immediately.

Return to Your Rights as an Employee