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MEC President Letter

Date: December 14, 2009     PDF Version PDF icon

Whatever It TakesLadies and Gentlemen:

Today we launch our Faces of Negotiations.  A gallery of photos and voices from across our Flight Attendant community that illustrates the very real purpose of our fight to take back our profession is now posted on our website.  This is our story, this is who we are and why we are willing to stand together with our flying partners and do Whatever it Takes!

Picketing for better pay and work conditionsOur Negotiations are about each other, and achieving our collective goals for ourselves, our flying partners and our families.  As a result we are willing to fight for change. 

Faces of Negotiations highlights each of our individual reasons for why we need Contractual improvements, while simultaneously demonstrating our collective goals and resolve.  It’s a forum of who we are, where we need to be and why we are working hard for a new Contract, one that reflects our values, our priorities and our commitment to each other. 

It shows we are ready to harness our Collective Power to take Action.  Regardless of the phase in our career, who we are, where we are based, or the flying we do, we all share the same Contractual priorities in these Negotiations: Industry Leading Wages, Benefits and Working Conditions.  We are standing together in support of our Negotiating Committee and a successful outcome to our Negotiations.

This is our time, these are our reasons, these are our faces.  These are the Faces of Negotiations.  A community of Flight Attendants, a chorus of voices, demonstrating our shared determination and Solidarity.  We are ready and willing to do Whatever It Takes!

In Solidarity,

Greg Davidowitch, President
United Master Executive Council

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