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Anticipated Schedule For Implementation of Provisions and Improvements

Date: February 29, 2012
Type: AFA Article

United Flight Attendants have overwhelmingly voted to ratify our Tentative Agreement which now becomes our new Contract.  We will begin seeing some of the exciting improvements to our Contract take effect immediately, while others will require time to integrate into United’s schedule planning process or require automation for implementation. 

We have worked with United to produce a timeline of the anticipated implementation of new Contractual provisions to go into effect.  Keep in mind that we are planning on this schedule as of now, the timing of certain items may be subject to change. 

The following is the anticipated schedule to implement provisions from our 2012-2016 Contract:

March 2012
Compensation Increase all rates of pay (5.A.1., 5.A.2.)* * New rates of pay and per diem effective with the March schedule month (March 2) and will be reflected in our April 1st paycheck. All hours worked in March will be at the new rate of pay.
Signing Bonus $5,000
Per Diem (6.A.1.a./b.) Domestic $1.73 / Int’l $2.13
Increase Reserve Guarantee 78 Hours
Reserve Vacation Value Increase to 2:45 hours per day (18.K.1.) Pay Lineholders and Reserves at same daily rate & Reserves paid for every vacation day within vacation period
Increase Maximum Sick Leave Hour Accrual (19.A.1.) 1:30 additional accrual per calendar quarter & increase from 950 to 1,000 hours
Quality of Life Request direct deposit of workers’ compensation payments (19.A.8.)
April 2012
Reserve Increase Reserve days off from 11 to 12 days per month (10.D.1.a.1.)
Scheduling Increase Lineholder Guarantee (5.A.1.,2.) 71 Hours
Reassignment Decline Process (8.J.1.a.)
5-for-1 Waiver Program (12.A.3., 12.L.5.)
Domestic Reassignment Limitation reduced (8.J.1.) Reduced from 24 hours to 22 hours
Operational Reliability Provision (7.J.2.) Receive compensation for waiving
(5 hours pay if requested waive minimum Contractual Legal Rest to FAR minimum legal rest of 8 hours on domestic layovers, with 10 hours’ rest within 24 hours)
Confirmation of Open Flying Requests From 4 hours to 6 hours
Notification of OFSL (9.N.2.) From 6 hours to 8 hours
Legalities 8:30-in-24 (7.D.1./2.)
35-in-7 (7.E.)
Revised 757 Check-in time (7.I.1.) Increase from 1:00 to 1:15
May 2012
Quality of Work Life Increase Trip Trade Allocations (9.G.4.B.) Eliminate fence between Domestic and International trade allotments & increase trade allotments from 4% to 5% (for trade with Open Flying)
New Drafting Pay (8.G.) 2.5 hours paid when drafted
Quarterly System eliminated and new monthly flight time maximums
Increased Opting to: 95 / 100 / 100+ hours
8:30-in-24 Waiver (7.D.3.)
Personal Time Off (PTO) Make Up within same month (4.V.2)
June 2012
Schedule Flexibility Limited Critical Coverage (9.J.3.)
July 2012
Quality of Work Life Charter Trades (9.G.2.d) Processed as other trades with Open Flying
Reserve Trading of Reserve assignments with another Flight Attendant (10.D.5.a.)
August 2012
Reserve RDO trade of Reserve assignment with another Flight Attendant (10.D.5.b.)
September 2012
Quality of Work Life Vacation accrual based on paid activity in quarter (18.B.2.)
October 2012
Schedule Flexibility Open Flying Lowest Priority Protection (9.I.4. and 12.Q.4.)
As Soon As Possible
These items will require additional time for automation process changes and will be completed early next year.
Reserve Revolutionary Reserve Preferencing (within 12 months)
Reserve Company’s ability to build Reserve lines with up to 16 days off (10.D.1.a.)
Schedule Flexibility Ability of Lineholders to preference when requesting trades with Open Flying (9.G.4.a.)
  Jetway/Last Segment Trades (9.G.5.)

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