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Dear AFA: June 12, 2012

Date: June 12, 2012
Type: Dear AFA

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. A democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Tuesday, June 12, 2012 and this is Chicago, Council 8 Volunteer, Joshua Jones, reporting and together we will do better.

Crew Scheduling Recordings

Crew Scheduling has completed their move to the Willis Tower, and will begin testing the new telephone recording system.  Section 4.AA. of our Contract requires that this system records all telephone conversations between Flight Attendants and Crew Scheduling, including all other departments that regularly perform crew scheduling functions.  The recordings will include the date and time of calls, and shall be kept for a minimum of sixty days.

The implementation of this section of our Contract will assist in any disputes that arise from our information exchange with Crew Scheduling.  We continue to encourage all Flight Attendants to keep a record of the date, time and name of the Crew Scheduler when given any assignment or re-assignment.  This information can be confirmed with the recording if there are any issues.  As always, we should maintain professional and courteous communications, while expecting the same in return. We will keep you updated when the new telephone recording system is fully operational.

FASRS and OSAP Outage

We previously reported that there will be a planned outage last weekend for the FASRS and OSAP reporting systems. This outage has been rescheduled for this weekend. The reporting systems will be down for a schedule upgrade from Friday, June 15 at 2200 CDT until Sunday, June 17 at 1800 CDT.

If you require to submit a FASRS please submit your report before Friday, June 15 at 2200 CDT or after Sunday, June 17 at 1800 CST. If you require to submit a OSAP report please log your safety issue by calling the OSAP hotline at 872-825-1324.  If you submit an OSAP you will need to file your report on Skynet once the system is back up on Sunday, June 17 at 1800 CDT. If you have any questions please contact your local domicile supervisor.

Contract Education

Our Contract has over 66 years of history. Since the inception of our Contract, we have seen it evolve, but the focus still remains on important issues, such as quality of life, job protection, safety, legal rest and scheduling flexibility.  Our scope language has proven strong throughout the years in the System Board of Adjustments and the courts. The history of our Union has given us a firm foundation to build on, as this industry continues to change. Our job as Flight Attendants is to remain educated on the provisions of our Contract.

Contract education is a very significant part in preparing for the upcoming Joint Contract Negotiations. We will continue to focus on the education of important provisions of our Contract in this final phase of United’s merger through Dear AFA, FANN, E-Lines and our website. We encourage Flight Attendants to stay up to date on contract education and implementation.

MEC Central Scheduling Training

On June 7th- 9th, our flying partners from BOS, DEN, JFK, LAS, ORD, and SFO successfully completed Scheduling Training.  The MEC Central Scheduling Committee conducted the training for Local Council Scheduling representatives. Training focused on line building and its history, with an education on the sections of our Contract that relate to line building and scheduling.  We appreciate and congratulate all participants for their continued advocacy for Flight Attendants.

That’s all for this evening! Thank you for calling. As we move forward together, management must recognize the value that Flight Attendants bring to the world’s largest airline. We will stand strong together to do Whatever It Takes! to achieve an industry leading Single Contract.

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