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Management's Opening Proposal

This is a summary, in management’s words, of the 4 page letter management presented during the exchange of Opening Proposals.

Increase Business Flexibility

  • Change scope of flight attendant duties
  • Changes to Foreign National side Letter
  • Enhance company’s ability to partner with other airlines
  • Remove restrictions to company’s ability to select hotels
  • Make voluntary furlough provisions more efficient

Enhance Customer Service, Operational Performance and Productivity

  • Change flight attendant duties
  • Modify hours of service
  • Modify legalities
  • Change flight assignments’ procedures
  • Modify staffing
  • Change to training provisions
  • Modifications in order to reduce delays and cancellations
  • Changes to purser program
  • Changes to language qualified flight attendants provisions

Scheduling Effectively, Productively and Competitively

  • Implementation of PBS
  • Changes to ID and line construction
  • Eliminate uncompetitive scheduling restrictions
  • Changes to vacation
  • Redefine international and domestic
  • Establish satellite domiciles

Provide Competitive Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive pay for competitive work rules
  • Modify leave accruals
  • Modify workers compensation
  • Changes to guarantees
  • Increase hours
  • Impose minimum flying requirement
  • Changes to benefit costs
  • Changes to benefit administration

Enhancing administrative efficiencies and enabling process improvements

  • Use of same uniform components across employee groups
  • Modify union activities provisions
  • Modify union flight pay loss provisions
  • Changes to communications with flight attendants
  • Change to special assignment
  • Modify NRPS travel rules
  • Modify CJA provisions
  • Modify grievance process
  • Modify system board process
  • Changes to medical arbitration process

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