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Original Text: Fall 2008

The negotiations process is important to understand, but it’s even more important to understand that we can take these negotiations into our hands and determine the outcome by working together.  The power of 17,000 United Flight Attendants standing together as Members of AFA will produce the leverage we need at the bargaining table to get an On-Time Agreement.  Our Solidarity can pressure management to address the issues that matter to Flight Attendants in a timely fashion.

Our Negotiations Support Committee and Flight Attendant Negotiations Network will build a structure that effectively utilizes our power in Solidarity.  Success at the bargaining table flows directly from each of us supporting the negotiations in every way we can, in Solidarity as a unified Flight Attendant group.

The first important step in supporting these negotiations is making sure you attend one of these Roadshow meetings.  This is a Listening Tour.  We want to hear from you!  Join us to share your thoughts, ideas and priorities.

Power of the Pin – Your AFA Pin

Wear your AFA pin every time you fly. This is the most powerful way you can demonstrate your commitment to your flying partners and to management that we are dedicated to achieving an Industry-Leading, On-Time Agreement.

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