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Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP) Update and Survey

Date: 08/28/2015
AFA United Master Executive Council Safety, Health and Security Committee continue to address issues plaguing our once robust and healthy ISAP program. 

Aflac Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Enrollment Closes August 31

Date: 08/28/2015
Aflac Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Onsite Enrollment will close on August 31, 2015. 

Welcome Class 1526

Date: 08/28/2015
Today, we would like to welcome the 47 graduating Members of class 1526 to the line. They will be reporting to our JFK domicile for orientation on September 3, 2015, and available to fly on September 5, 2015.  Please help welcome these new Flight Attendants to our family.

Redeployment of Aircraft

Date: 08/26/2015
As the company moves forward with changes to the aircraft schedule that are designed to place the right aircraft in the right markets to accommodate passenger demand, this afternoon the company announced plans for the deployment of wide-body aircraft

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