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Bathing Suit Stunt in China Falls Flat with Flight Attendants

December 31, 2015

Bernie Sanders Stands with Flight Attendants Protesting Around the World

December 17, 2015

Holiday Travel Season Begins with Protests at United Airlines by Flight Attendants Around the World

December 16, 2015

Worldwide Protest December 17 by United Flight Attendants as Holiday Travel Begins: The Grinch is Negotiating with United Flight Attendants

December 14, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Encourages Acting CEO Brett Hart to Continue Direction Set by Oscar Munoz

October 20, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Leaders Honor US Airways History on Last Flight

October 16, 2015

British Airways Crew Commended by World’s Largest Flight Attendant Union

September 9, 2015

Flight Attendants Welcome New Leadership at United Airlines

September 8, 2015

World’s Largest Flight Attendant Union Honors Women’s Equality Day

August 26, 2015

World’s Largest Flight Attendant Union Celebrates 70 Years

August 25, 2015

United Airlines Flight Attendants File for Federal Mediation in Contract Dispute

August 20, 2015

United Airlines Earnings Report Reiterates Need for Investment in Flight Attendant Contract

July 23, 2015

United Airlines Flight Attendant Union Protest Turns Out Crowds at Airports around the World

July 16, 2015

Labor Leaders Join Flight Attendants in Calls for Fair Contract at United Airlines

July 15, 2015

United Airlines Flight Attendants to Conduct System-Wide Day of Action July 16

July 10, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Fights for Cabin Air Quality

June 23, 2015

World’s Largest Flight Attendant Union Leads Charge against Human Trafficking on Airplanes

June 1, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Calls Attention to Analysis of Gulf Carrier Take Over of Market Share through Government Subsidies

April 1, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Calls on Indiana Legislature to Undo Hate Law

March 30, 2015

Flight Attendants Picket Delta, United and American for Equal Pay

March 30, 2015

Airline Unions Send Letter Questioning U.S. Travel Association Support of Gulf Carriers

March 26, 2015

World’s Largest Flight Attendant Union Joins Partnership for Open and Fair Skies

March 19, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Set to Urge Congress to Oppose Fast Track

March 3, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Continues to Push for Better Air Quality

February 24, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Joins Senator Durbin to Celebrate Smoke-Free Skies

February 23, 2015

Flight Attendant Union Salutes Crew of US Airways Flight 1549

January 15, 2015

Silver Airways Flight Attendants Choose AFA Representation

January 8, 2015

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