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AFA E-Lines: Dec 02, 2016

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  • DOT NAI Decision Double Crosses U.S. and EU Aviation Workers
  • (UAL) Reserve Holiday Wish List Clarification
  • (CAL) United Offers One Month Leaves and Jobshares for January 2017
  • (UAL) Phase III Vacation Bidding Opens
  • 2017 Medical and Dental Premiums Rumor
  • Pass Travel Open Enrollment
  • Update: FAA Certificate no Longer Required when Flying to Brazil
  • 2017 Group Universal Life (GUL) Rates
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DOT NAI Decision Double Crosses U.S. and EU Aviation Workers
With no advance warning, the DOT has ordered approval of the flag-of-convenience Norwegian Air International (NAI) application.  By this action, the DOT has failed to acknowledge the labor protections of the U.S.-EU Open Skies Agreements and sets a precedent that risks hundreds of thousands of U.S. aviation jobs.  

In consultation with the best legal & regulatory minds and working with the TTD, AFL, our affiliated Unions and our Congressional allies, efforts have immediately begun to review the order.  In a statement issued this afternoon, AFA International President Sara Nelson emphasized “This decision must be reversed immediately by the Obama administration.  It is a betrayal to hundreds of thousands of aviation workers .  The DOT decision overrides carefully negotiated workers’ rights and designs a new playbook that rolls out the red carpet for foreign corporations by trampling workers’ rights.”

“The U.S.-EU Open Skies agreement contains the only labor provision in all 120 Open Skies agreements.”

Congress must be prepared to act next week. President Obama must reverse this harmful decision and stand up for working people all across this country.  We cannot and will not accept this decision. We will act and will never stop because we will never accept abrogation of our rights. 

Call your Representative and ask her/him to support H.R. 5090 to enforce the Labor standards in the U.S.-EU Open Skies Agreements.   Please visit Congress.gov for the updated list.

(UAL) Reserve Holiday Wish List Clarification
As we reported on Tuesday in AFA E-Lines, pre-merger United Flight Attendants on Reserve for the month of December, will have the opportunity to preference where they would like to layover for the three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following Christmas. While we are all excited to partake in this year’s Reserve Holiday Wish List we must remember all submissions prior to December 4, 2016 will be deleted. We ask you to please wait until December 5, 2016 to submit your holiday layover requests. On December 4, 2016, you will be able to access the site through the link on our AFA website. 

For a full list of deadline dates for the holiday period, as well as more detailed information about the Reserve Holiday Wish List please visit unitedafa.org/wishlist.

(CAL) United Offers One Month Leaves and Jobshares for January 2017
United will be offering pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants one month leaves and jobshares for the January 2017 bid month. Flight Attendants who are interested should submit their request via CCS under bidding no later than December 5, 2016 at 10:00 am local domicile time. 

As a reminder, annual partnerships will conclude at the end of the December bid period. Multiple month partnerships will not be awarded for the month of January and any additional time off will be awarded on a month-to-month basis. New annual partnerships will be considered for the May 2017 - April 2018 timeframe.

For additional information on Partnerships please reference your NEW JCBA Section 16.A.2.a. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor or your Local Council Office

(UAL) Phase III Vacation Bidding Opens
Pre-merger United Phase III (tertiary) Vacation Bidding is open now. Please ensure that your Phase III Vacation bid is on file by the close of bidding on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 0830 local domicile time. Awards will be posted no later than December 11, 2016 at 0830 local domicile time.  

For more information on the 2017 Vacation Bidding process visit our website.

2017 Medical and Dental Premiums Rumor
We have received reports of a rumor that United mailed a letter to Flight Attendants notifying them that their 2017 Medical and Dental premiums have increased since open enrollment. This rumor is false. Your AFA United MEC Benefits Committee has confirmed with United HR that all premiums listed on United’s Your Benefits Resource (YBR) and the confirmation statement active Flight Attendants received by mail are correct. 

Pass Travel Open Enrollment
Eligible employees and retirees have the opportunity to update their elections for enrolled friend, spouse, or domestic partner beginning December 1st through December 30th at 7:00 PM CST. If you are not making any changes to your enrolled friend, spouse, or domestic partner, no further action is required. 

During pass travel enrollment you can:

  • Choose between a second enrolled friend or regular buddy passes
  • Choose your enrolled friend(s) name(s) or delete them from the system to keep slots open to add later in 2017
  • Choose your regular buddy names or keep slots open to add later in 2017

NOTE:  If you currently have buddy passes for 2016 and registered regular buddy pass riders, the names of the regular buddy pass riders will NOT carry over to 2017 and expire on December 31, 2016 at midnight.  Keep in mind, this process does not require a specific enrollment period to register a regular buddy or extended family buddy; however in every instance it is recommended that you allow a minimum of 48 to 72 hours prior to the anticipated travel date for the processing of the registration of any buddy.

Additional information is available from the Travel section of the company’s website under Enrolled Friend. To update your elections, go to the company’s website then Employee Services > My Info > Pass Riders.

Update: FAA Certificate no Longer Required when Flying to Brazil
In yesterday’s United Inflight Service Weekly, United announced the Brazilian Government has reversed requirements for all Flight Attendants, on U.S. carriers, flying into Brazil to carry their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificate with them. To be clear, your FAA certificate is no longer required when flying to Brazil. 

Although your FAA certification card is not a required duty item, as Safety Professionals, it is always a good idea to carry it with you. Representatives of the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board or other federal agency may request proof of your certification as part of an onboard inspection. If you cannot present your certification card immediately, you must provide proof of certification within 15 days. 

If your card is misplaced or lost, use the following steps to obtain a new copy.

  • go to www.faa.gov and click on the "License and Certificate" tab.
  • on the next page find the link to "Airmen Online Services," and
  • then Login to "Replace an Airmen Certificate." 

You may follow the same process to update your address.  The website contains an address for requesting a replacement by mail, but that process is expected to take 4 to 6 weeks.  The on-line process is expected to take only 7 to 10 days for processing.

2017 Group Universal Life (GUL) Rates
With the ratification of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA), effective January 1, 2017 all United Flight Attendants will be offered the same amount of life insurance coverage. Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance rates for 2017, which was not part of the YBR enrollment, were not programmed in Minnesota Life/Securian’s website during open enrollment. 

Effective January 1, 2017, as set forth in Section 30.G.1.c. of the JCBA, the GUL definition of “salary” will be based on 85 hours multiplied by the Flight Attendant’s hourly rate of pay. When calculating salary multipliers, multiply that monthly figure by 12, to determine an annual salary figure.  A Flight Attendant can be insured up to 10 times their annual salary, up to a maximum of $600,000 in life insurance.

Here are the GUL rates:

GUL rates increase as a Flight Attendant ages, and has increases in salary. A Flight Attendant can lower their life insurance coverage level amount at any time to reduce their premium (if too high). Voluntary life insurance options elections and changes can be administered via the Securian website. To access the Securian website by visiting United’s Flying Together website > Employee Services > Your Benefits > Health & Insurance tab > Right side bar you will find the Securian website link under “Want to review your supplemental life insurance?”

Note: All pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants’ full amounts of voluntary life insurance carried through the YBR system have been transferred to Securian Life. Your voluntary amount of life coverage will combine with your existing Group Universal Life insurance amount on Securian’s system.

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