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AFA E-Lines: Feb 24, 2017

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  • (UAL) - Open Flying Request for Purser Qualified IDs by Flight Attendants Without a Purser Qualification
  • (CAL) - Scheduling CQ Training
  • Aircraft Qualification Training
  • (UAL) - 777-300 Aircraft Assigned to EWR-TLV-EWR
  • (UAL) Special Transfers for Hebrew Speakers
  • (CAL) - SFI French Base to Open
  • Annual Partnership Program
  • Crew Trays

(UAL) – Open Flying Request for Purser Qualified IDs by Flight Attendants Without a Purser Qualification

Over the past several months, our MEC Grievance Committee has been in discussions with representatives from Crew Scheduling to find a method that will support the open flying award of IDs requiring a purser qualification to lineholder Flight Attendants who are not purser qualified before these IDs are assigned to Reserves who are not purser qualified.

We are happy to report that the efforts made by the Sr. Manager of Crew Operations in coordination with the MEC Grievance Committee have resulted in the development of a successful procedure by which the award of these qualified positions will now be accomplished consistent with the terms of the Contract.

Effective as of February 23, 2017, Crew Scheduling will process these requests the day prior to departure of the first segment of the ID following the 1700 open flying run and before the Reserve Preference Process is run.  While the company has placed a high priority on having Flight Attendants who are purser qualified fill these open positions, there is also a recognition that there may times when a purser qualified Flight Attendant is not available on the flight or in the Reserve pool.  When it is determined that all of the open purser qualified IDs cannot be covered by available Reserves, management will determine (either by destination criteria or Reserve availability) which IDs will be covered by Flight Attendants not having a purser qualification.    Once this determination is made, before assigning these open positions to Reserves, the company will award these open positions immediately following the 1700 open flying run to Flight Attendants without a purser qualification and who have an open flying request on file.  These requests can be for a specific ID, destination or other open flying criteria.

All lineholder Flight Attendants should be aware of this new procedure.  Open Flying requests that do not specify a work position can potentially be awarded following the 1700 open flying process the night prior to departure.  For this reason, please ensure you delete any open flying requests for which you no longer have an interest. 


(CAL) Scheduling CQ Training

Beginning in March 2017, joint CQ classes consisting of Flight Attendants from pmUA and pmCAL will be scheduled to create additional flexibility and class options.  Class dates and available times are posted in the monthly bid packages.  

As part of the initiative to integrate these classes, Flight Attendants located in the following domiciles have been assigned to attend training at the following training locations:


For pmCAL Flight Attendants, the open (training) pairings are available in CCS.  When picking up the CQ pairings, keep in mind the training must be in your line by the 5th of the month.  Any Flight Attendant assigned to attend CQ training away from their home domicile/base will have deadhead travel and hotel accommodations included in the pairing.   These pairings can be picked up through CCS open time but are intended only for Flight Attendants in that base.  For example, LR001 should only be picked up the a Flight Attendant based in LAX or LAI.  Pairing that include DH travel and hotel accommodations are built for Flight Attendants that have been assigned to take mandatory training at an out-of-base location rather than their own domicile.  

Without regard for pre-merger affiliation, Flight Attendants who travel to a training location away from their base location are entitled to fee waived positive space (PS5B) company business travel from either the Flight Attendant’s home or domicile as a provision of the Contract.    Flight Attendants who have picked up a (training) pairing who will travel from their home rather than from their domicile should contact crew scheduling to arrange for the modification of the pairing to delete the deadhead from the base.

Any Flight Attendants who are not assigned to attend trainings in locations other than those specified for their domicile, are not eligible for positive space travel or hotel accommodations.  All required travel and any hotel accommodations are at the expense of the employee electing this out of base pick-up.    

For detailed information about 2017 CQ visit Continuing Qualification – CQ located under the Inflight Services tab in Flying Together.  For questions or concerns about positive space travel from your home or domicile, contact your base supervisor or Local Council for assistance.


Aircraft Qualification Training

Beginning in March and continuing through the early part of 2018, in preparation for when we attain a common scheduling platform and begin flying together without regard to pre-merger affiliation, there will be a focus on getting all Flight Attendants trained on every aircraft type that makes operation sense based on the domicile location.  Flight Attendants requiring equipment qualification will be notified either by a CCS message or via your corporate e-mail account.   Additional information regarding training schedules and aircraft qualification requirements can be found under the Aircraft Qualifications Training tab located on the company’s website.


(UAL) 777-300 Aircraft Assigned to EWR-TLV-EWR

As management acts to ensure the right aircraft are in the right markets to optimize revenue based on passenger demand, today the company communicated via an Inflight Scheduling Alert that assignment of the 777-300ER aircraft to one of the EWR-TLV-EWR flights, effective May 5, 2017.  This flight will be flown by pmUA Flight Attendants as the 777-300 fleet of aircraft will be assigned under the provisions of the pmUA Contract.


(UAL) Special Transfers for Hebrew Speakers

As a result of the announcement of the transition of flying under the terms of the pmUA Contract, a Special Transfer Bid seeking Flight Attendants fluent in the Hebrew language will open on February 24, 2017 and will close on March 23, 2017.  

Flight Attendants who are fluent in Hebrew who may be interested in transferring to fly to TLV who wish to avoid the one year transfer restriction associated with language transfers under the Special Language Transfer provisions of the Contract may want to consider using the normal transfer process used for the filling of vacancies.  Non-language specific transfers for the May schedule month will be awarded through March 9, 2017.


(CAL) SFI French Base to Open

The current pmCAL French language flying at SFI that provides language skills on the SFO – CDG flight is currently covered through the TDY provisions.  Today the company announced the opening of a French language speaker base (SLS) under the terms of pmCAL Agreement at SFO for May 2017.  Bids will open on March 1 and close on March 22nd.  Awards will be posted by March 24th.  

Flight Attendants who miss this language proffer are encouraged to submit a bid through the normal transfer process which, for the May schedule month, will close on April 4th. 


Annual Partnership Program

Without regard to pre-merger affiliation, Flight Attendants are now able to submit bids for the Annual Partnership Program. This Program allows for a line of flying to be shared by two Flight Attendants from the same base, for a 12 bid-month period. The first month of the Annual Partnership Program will be May 2017. The Annual Partnership Program is provided for in Section 16 of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The 2017 – 2018 Annual Partnership User Guide can be accessed via CCS under Help in the upper right hand menu of the CCS screen. 

All Flight Attendants will use CCS to bid for Annual Partnerships.  

  • Pre-merger CO and CMI Flight Attendants will continue to log into CCS using current process.*
  • Pre-merger UA Flight Attendants can find CCS log-in instructions in the CCS user log-in guide located on Flying Together.*

Annual Partnership bidding is open from March 1 until March 20, 2017 at 1000 Home (local) domicile time. Please note that Annual Partnership requests made prior to February 23, 2017 2100 Central Time will be removed.  Annual Partnerships will be awarded on March 21, 2017. If awarded, Flight Attendants will form pairs, then bid during the regular monthly bidding period beginning with the May schedule. 

Flight Attendants interested in the 2017-2018 Annual Partnership Program can review more detailed information in the Annual Partnership Guidelines and User Guide documents posted on Flying Together, including the number of partnerships anticipated to be awarded by base.

Questions related to Annual Partnerships can be sent to the following email addresses:

Crew Trays

With increasing frequency we are receiving reports of shortages of Western tray setup on international flights and, in particular, on those flights to certain Asian cities where Bento meals are served.  In some instances, Flight Attendants are reporting that their crew trays are being used to satisfy customer preferences.  

We’ve been in contact with Inflight management to review the catering guidelines for these flights and have learned that additional Western tray setups, while planned to be boarded on these flights, were inadvertently not boarded following the introduction of the new components of the Polaris service.

Crew meals are a negotiated provision of our Contract.  We want to be very clear that under no circumstances should you be required to use your crew setup or the components of your crew meal to satisfy customer preferences nor should this be imposed upon you.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are being asked to do so, we encourage you to advocate for yourself to ensure your personal nutritional needs are met.  Contact your Local Council Employee Assistance/Professional Standards Committee should you encounter any misunderstanding of this requirement.





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