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AFA E-Lines: Mar 31, 2015

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  • ACTION: No Fast Track for Trans-Pacific Partnership Call and Write Your Representatives
  • AFA Scholarship Fund
  • A Review on AFA-CWA Structure
  • Spring 2015 Regular Meeting of the United MEC and 43rd Annual AFA-CWA BOD (April 25 - 30 2015)

ACTION: No Fast Track for Trans-Pacific Partnership Call and Write Your Representatives
The Transpacific Pacific Partnership (TPP) is poised to become the most dangerous trade agreement ever. This far-reaching trade agreement would set rules governing approximately 40% of the world’s economy; yet, it is being negotiated behind closed doors. Though this agreement could become the largest trade deal in history, the sweeping changes envisioned in TPP could become law without most Americans ever knowing what’s in it. 

Under the proposed deal, multinational corporations just have to demonstrate a threat to their “expected future profits’ from laws and regulations in order to bypass our court systems and directly sue governments in private international tribunals.  It will enable corporations to challenge everything from consumer safety laws to environmental protections to fair labor standards.

TPP would also make “Buy America” laws illegal.  Right now the federal government gives preferential treatment to U.S. business when buying goods and services.  TPP would make that practice illegal.  Historically, corporations have taken advantage of any opportunity to pay foreign workers less and take advantage of local laws to cut costs.

Why Is This Important To Flight Attendants?
Fast Track Authority, if granted by Congress, wouldn’t simply apply to only one trade deal – it would apply to as many trade agreements as can be negotiated by this White House or the next one. The next “big’” trade deal in the pipeline is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The European Union will be pushing for access to the U.S. domestic market and an increase to the allowable foreign ownership and control of U.S. airlines. This would be devastating to U.S. aviation, our job security and aviation security. 

What can Flight Attendants Do?
You may contact your Representative by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 or by using the CWA’s toll free "Call Congress" line at Call 888-966-9836

Enter your zip code, you then will be connected with your U.S. Representative.

Be polite but firm when delivering your message.

Sample script.

“Hello my name is __________ and I am a constituent calling from _____ (city where you are registered to vote). As a constituent I am concerned that large scale trade agreements are being negotiated in secret. I wouldn’t vote for my employment contract without seeing the details and Congress shouldn’t either. I urge you to oppose Fast Track for the TPP.” 

We are also requesting each Member write personal handwritten letters to their elected Representatives.  In order for this campaign to be successful, it is crucial that letters be handwritten.  Each letter MUST include a legible name, address, city, state and zip code.  Handwritten letters can be written on any type of stationery including hotel stationery, postcards, note paper, etc. and should include “vote no on fast track” in the message.  Once you have finished writing your letter drop it off at your AFA Local Council office or place it in the AFA lock box located in any domicile. We have provided a guide to help you write your handwritten letters on our website along with more information about the TPP. 

Please encourage your family, friends and flying partners to call and send their letters too.  We must make it clear to our elected Representatives that we expect them to oppose Fast Track for the TPP. For more information or questions please visit our United MEC Government Affairs page of our website or contact your Local Council Government Affairs Committee. 

AFA Scholarship Fund
The Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund is intended to provide financial assistance to dependents of United Flight Attendants who will be attending a college or university.  The purpose is to further the education of promising young women and men who are dependents of AFA Members in good standing who otherwise would not have the opportunity for higher education.

To qualify, you must be a dependent of an active AFA Member in good standing, who is seeking to further her/his education at an accredited college or university.  Recipients will receive the cost of tuition, room, board and reasonable book expense, up to a maximum of $5,000 for one year. Any recipient may reapply for this scholarship each year until graduation up to a maximum of four years. 

Applications, available on our website, must be received by April 10, 2014. There are a number of additional scholarships available from AFA-CWA International, which you may be interested in. Please contact your Local Council with any questions.

A Review on AFA-CWA Structure
In the weeks ahead, the 43rd Annual AFA-CWA Board of Directors Meeting will be held in Las Vegas, NV.  As the Union’s highest governing body, Flight Attendant representatives from the eighteen (18) AFA airline carriers across the United States gather and work democratically to advance the interests and priorities of the more than 46,000 Flight Attendant Members.

The AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws has its democratic foundation focused on the Member.  Everything in the work of the Union starts with the Member.  In fact, a single Member has the ability to bring forth ideas that can change the course of our Union. 

Our AFA structure is successful because the Flight Attendant Membership based at the location elects their Local Executive Council (LEC) leadership from among their peers.  These are the leaders who are based where you work and who are elected to represent the interests of the Local Council.  Once elected, these are the individuals to whom you express your concerns, present problems or questions, present suggestions for improvements within our Union or from whom you seek assistance in resolving day-to-day problems.

At each airline, the Master Executive Council (MEC) is comprised of the Local Council Presidents from each of the Local Councils and is the Union’s governing body for that airline.  The Master Executive Council works on behalf of the entire Membership at the airline to advance the collective priorities for all of the Flight Attendants at the airline.  An integral component in advancing issues for the collective Membership at the airline is the work of the Committee Members who are specialists in a variety of fields.  Committee Members work at the direction of the Master Executive Council Officers and are elected by the Local Council Presidents with input from you.

The Executive Board consists of the Master Executive (MEC) Presidents at each of the 18 airlines.  The Executive Board provides guidance to the International Officers and ensures the policies and procedures of the Union are upheld.

Each Local Council President, at each of the eighteen (18) airlines forms the AFA-CWA Board of Directors (BOD), which is the highest governing body of our Union.    The AFA-CWA BOD establishes the policies to be followed by the Membership and Union.  The AFA-CWA BOD, as the highest governing body of our Union, represents the interests of the Membership and, in so doing, elects the International Officers of the Union who coordinate the affairs of the Union and further the objectives of the Executive Board and AFA-CWA Board of Directors in advancing the priorities of the Membership.

If you have any questions about the AFA structure please stop by your Local Council Office.

Spring 2015 Regular Meeting of the United MEC and 43rd Annual AFA-CWA BOD (April 25 - 30, 2015)
April 25 through April 27, 2014, your Local Council Leaders will attend the Spring 2015 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC).  This meeting will be held in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada; at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Your Local Council President, joined by the 13 other Local Council Presidents from around our system, will address the business of our Union and the issues that are important to you.

At this upcoming United MEC Meeting, the United AFA MEC Officers will provide updates on issues they have been working on in the time interval since our last meeting.   On the agenda are reports from our Benefits, Grievance and EAP/Professional Standards and Hotel & Transportation Committees.  Elections for many MEC Committees will be conducted as well.  Elections will take place for the following United MEC Committee positions: 

  • MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee Chairperson
  • MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee Member
  • MEC Central Schedule Committee Members
  • MEC System Board Member
  • MEC System Board First Alternate Position
  • MEC System Board Second Alternate Position
  • MEC System Board Third Alternate Position

 Election information, including qualifications and responsibilities of each position, is available on our website.

The Annual AFA-CWA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting will commence immediately following the United MEC meeting on April 28 through 30, 2015.  The Board of Directors is our Union's highest governing body, and consists of all AFA-CWA Local Council Presidents. The decisions of the BOD, whether rendered by ballot or in session, are the final governing decisions of the Union, and are binding on the Executive Board, Officers and Members, both active and inactive.

The BOD shall take action on annual international programs to reaffirm and/or establish priorities and strategies for the upcoming year, including determination of the annual budget. 

We encourage Members to see our democratic process in action by attending your Local Council meetings and, if you are in the Las Vegas area, the MEC Meeting and BOD. Schedule times for your Local Council’s meeting, the MEC Meeting as well as the Agenda for the Board of Directors Meeting will be posted on our website in the coming weeks.

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