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AFA E-Lines: May 03, 2016

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  • Welcome Class 1612
  • Safety Reporting – Exercise Caution when Submitting Reports
  • Action Needed Today: Take Action and Protect Your Jobs! Stop Norwegian Air International! #DenyNAI
  • Ensure Your Voice is Heard - Attend Your Local Council Meeting
  • Order your LINK Carrying Case Today!
  • Joint Negotiations Continue This Week in Chicago
class 1612

Welcome Class 1612
Today, we welcome the 59 graduating Members of class of 1612 to the line.  Our newest flying partners will be reporting to DCA, IAH, and JFK.  They will report to their respective domicile(s) on May 10th for orientation and will be available to fly on May 12th. Please help us to welcome these new Flight Attendants to our family.

Safety Reporting – Exercise Caution When Submitting Reports
The Association has recently been made aware that a number of Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP) reports filed during the month of April have not been provided to pre-merger United AFA.  We have alerted management and asked that they provide these reports to the pre-merger AFA ERC Representatives.  Whether the result of an automation error or an intentional act has yet to be determined.  However, we are working with management to secure these reports as required under the MOU. 

Why is it important for AFA to receive copies of these reports? When these reports are received only by the company and the Union is not included, the company solely makes the decision whether or not the issue(s) you have brought forward are a safety concern requiring action.  In addition, those reports that provide the company information that they would not otherwise have obtained (sole-source reports) are not afforded the non-punitive provisions as outlined in the MOU.

At this time, we strongly encourage all Flight Attendants to exercise caution when filing reports under ISAP.  If you encounter a safety issue or an event that requires safety reporting, until further notice, we strongly encourage you to submit your concerns using NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) link http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/report/caveat.html?formType=cabin which will also be available on our website. The protective provisions afforded through ASRS are similar to those you have previously received under ISAP.   

AFA is dedicated to robust safety reporting program and safety culture.  Our commitment has never wavered.

Additional information on ASRS can be found by using the following link:  http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/overview/confidentiality.html

Action Needed Today: Take Action and Protect Your Jobs ! Stop Norwegian Air International ! # DenyNAI
Last Thursday, April 28th, Reps. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Rich Larsen (D-WA) and Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) introduced legislation, H.R. 5090, aimed to prevent the DOT from permitting a foreign air carrier to operate between European countries and the United States unless the carrier complies with basic, fair U.S. or European Union labor standards. The legislation is aimed at stopping NAI in its tracks.

We all need to take the time and contact our elected government officials Today!

Here’s what you and your friends and family can do to help:

Send a message directly to United States Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx
Visit our website to fill out the form to register your objection to the DOT ruling to allow Norwegian Air International to operate on an Irish certificate and trample labor standards in the U.S. and E.U. our comments directly to the United States Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx. We need our voices recorded to form the official record of comments by May 6, 2016.

By Phone
Please call your members of Congress and ask them to support HR 5090. Call their D.C. and home office. You can reach your Senators and Representative in D.C. through the Capitol switchboard, (202)224-3121. Ask to speak with your Senator(s) or Representative. Here’s a sample script:

"I am a Flight Attendant (or concerned citizen) and constituent. I am urging you to co-sponsor H.R. 5090 to enforce the high labor standards negotiated in the E.U./U.S. Open Skies Agreement. And, I also urge you to sign on to the Collins/Garamendi letter to Secretary Foxx to deny the NAI foreign air carrier permit. We can't let U.S. aviation be destroyed like U.S. shipping. This is about my job (if applicable), our nation's economy, and our safety and security."

By Twitter
If you have a Twitter account, we ask that you please Tweet one of the following:

Killing U.S. aviation jobs, hurting competition & undermining fair labor standards is not okay. #DenyNAI
Click to automatically tweet: http://ctt.ec/8Td1P

Going, going, gone. Soon to be our labor standards & U.S.#aviation jobs if Norwegian Air gets its way. #DenyNAI
Click to automatically tweet: http://ctt.ec/pfMUb

Join the picket line in front of the White House on May 12, 2016
Join our Sister and Brother Unions and show our unity and strength in opposition to the recent tentative approval of NAI. Picket the White House! Do you live in the Washington DC area? Have a DC layover on May 12th? Everyone can join the picket line in front of the White House on May 12.


Airline Workers Mobilize to #DenyNAI


Thursday, May 12 at 12:00pm ET


Lafayette Park (In Front of the White House)

1601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC


Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA)

Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM)

Transport Workers Union of America (TWU)

The Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD)

In order to make sure the DOT and White House hear us, we need thousands of calls, tweets and letters. That requires all of us to engage and urge our family and flying partners to do the same.

Ensure Your Voice is Heard - Attend Your Local Council Meeting
Most Local Councils have or are conducting Local meetings between now and the third weekend of May, when the AFA 2016 Spring Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) and AFA Board of Directors meetings will be held in Atlanta. These Local meetings are held to solicit your input on the business being conducted at the MEC and BOD meetings and to ensure your voice is heard. Make plans to attend your Local Council meeting and be sure to provide feedback to your Local Council President.  If you cannot attend your Local Council meeting, take a moment to make a call or send an email to your Local President.  A schedule of these meetings can be found on unitedafa.org.

Order your LINK Carrying Case Today!
Don’t forget to order your new LINK bag today through the Cintas website. Login to the Cintas website and select the S-UA – Cross Body Pouch Allotment option from the drop down menu, click continue and follow the ordering procedures.  Each Flight Attendant can order the new LINK bag free of charge. 

Joint Negotiations Continue This Week in Chicago
Joint Negotiations continue this week in Chicago. As a reminder, all Joint Negotiation updates can be found on the JNC website at OurContract.org.  If you are not signed-up to receive the Our Contract Newsletter please do so on OurContract.org.

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