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AFA E-Lines: Jan 19, 2018

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  • 2018 United Winter MEC Meeting Concludes
  • One United – Final Reminder to pmCAL Flight Attendants for Bridge Loan
  • When Service Animals Bite
  • CDC Recommends Yellow Fever Immunizations
  • Positive Space Travel to Required Trainings & Meetings
  • Right to Work is WRONG for American Workers
  • Reminders and Quick Links

2018 United Winter MEC Meeting Concludes
United AFA MEC

The Winter 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) concluded on January 18, 2018 at the Hyatt Rosemont in Chicago. The United MEC Officers, along with the MEC Benefits, MEC Safety, Health, & Security and the MEC Hotel & Transportation Committees presented their annual in-person reports. In addition, the Joint Implementation Committee (JIT) presented a JCBA update and the MEC Grievance Committee presented an update concerning the current issues affecting the Membership.

A summary of each day’s meeting will be posted on unitedafa.org early next week.


One United – Final Reminder to pmCAL Flight Attendants for Bridge Loan
The Joint Implementation Team

pmCAL Flight Attendants interested in applying for a bridge loan have four (4) days left to indicate to the company their desire to take advantage of the bridge loan before the January 23, 2018, (2359 Pacific Standard Time) deadline. Bridge loans are being offered to employees impacted by the transition to the JCBA pay methodology which is being harmonized with the March 1, 2018, paycheck. The bridge loan is optional and should be considered by pmCAL Flight Attendants who may have financial planning concerns due to this change.

The Bridge Loan Acceptance Form can be accessed by selecting the “Check eligibility” button on the Bridge Loan Info page which can be found on Flying Together > Inflight Services > One United > Bridge Loan Eligibility & Acceptance Form, or by clicking here.

For additional information on the bridge loan, please review the November 9 and November 15 communications posted on One United.

Note: In the original One United Communication dated November 15, 2017, it was announced that Section 3.BB. would be implemented with the February 16, 2018, paycheck.  Subsequent communications reference March 1, 2018, as the harmonization date.  It’s important to understand that the traditional semi payment that would appear on the February 16th paycheck will not be paid and will, instead, be replaced by the Bridge Loan payment for those who elect to take advantage of the option.

Effective March 1, 2018, the first of the month pay check for all Flight Attendants will be issued in the same manner using the harmonized process.

When Service Animals Bite 
Safety, Health and Security

During the past year we have seen an increase in the number of service animals traveling with passengers on our flights. With this increase and given the crowded nature of the aircraft cabins, dog bites by service animals to Flight Attendants and passengers have also increased. If you or a passenger experience an injury from a dog bite inflicted by a service animal, notify the captain and have the police, a Ground Security Officer (GSO) and a Customer Resolution Officer (CRO) meet the flight. Additionally, the injured party, should seek medical attention as needed, follow proper reporting and obtain a copy of the service animals shot record.

If you find yourself in a situation where this has occurred and you need assistance, please contact your Local Council Safety, Health & Security Committee.


CDC Recommends Yellow Fever Immunizations

Corporate Medical will be updating the vaccination recommendations for travel to Brazil on the United Crew immunization chart to include a recommendation for the yellow fever vaccine based on a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) due to a current outbreak in Brazil. This may not be a permanent recommendation. All United Medical Clinics have been alerted of this update in an effort to ensure the vaccine is available.   

The yellow fever immunization is good for ten (10) years, therefore, Flight Attendants are encouraged to review their personal immunization records to verify when they last had the yellow fever immunization and date on which it was administered.

Visit our website, unitedafa.org or click here for additional information.


Positive Space Travel to Required Trainings & Meetings

In recent weeks, Flight Attendants who are required to travel to attend recurrent  training (CQ) or other mandatory company trainings at a location away from their base have reported their requests for positive space travel to/from their home to the training location have not been immediately accommodated. 

As a reminder, all Flight Attendants who are required to travel to attend training at a location away from their base, regardless of pre-merger subsidiary, are entitled to fee-waived positive space [PS-5B or equivalent] company business passes from either their home or their domicile. This contractual provision covers travel to and from mandatory trainings [CQ] or meetings. If you experience resistance from management when requesting this travel, please contact your Local Council Office for assistance.

For additional information, reference our December 8, 2017 E-lines publication, Booking Positive Space Travel to Required Trainings.

Right to Work is WRONG for American Workers
MEC Government Affairs Committee

In "Right to Work" states, workers make less in pay, have access to fewer benefits, and are nearly 50% more likely to get hurt on the job because Unions are often the watch dogs and enforcers of workplace safety standards.

To date, twenty-eight (28) states are “Right to Work” states, Kentucky and Missouri passing “right-to-work” legislation in 2017. Other states, including Colorado, Connecticut, and Maine have similar laws under consideration. “Right-to-Work” legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives, and “The President believes in ‘right-to-work’” and wants to do what he thinks is “in the best interest of job creators.” 

The FACT is "right to work" laws are WRONG for American workers. Take a few minutes to learn exactly what “Right to Work” means and how it can, and will, affect your career.

Additional information: visit our website at Unitedafa.org.

Reminders and Quick Links

Supplemental Insurance Reps in Domiciles – See Schedule
January 23    Last day to Submit for Bridge Loan
January 23    United 4th Quarter Earnings Announcement
January 31   Deadline to Apply for Union Plus Scholarship
February 1    Revision #23 Due



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