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  • Standardized Pay Methodology & pmCAL Bridge Loan Information
  • MEC 9-12 – Profit Sharing Grievance
  • April COLA & Job Share Opportunities
  • Tumi Luggage – Official Launch Date is March 16 - 2018 – Luggage Required
  • AFA and ALPA Professional Standards Announce “Union First” Campaign
  • Sacred Days Off - Preceding/Following a Scheduled Vacation Period
  • Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Benefits – Open Enrollment Ends February 23 2018
  • Sign-up to Participate in Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study at O'Hare This Weekend
  • Alaska Airlines & Former Virgin America Flight Attendants Reach Agreement
  • Presidents’ Day – Monday February 19 2018
  • Reminders and Quick Links

Standardized Pay Methodology & pmCAL Bridge Loan Information
One United

As a reminder, effective with the Feb. 16, 2018 paycheck, Section 3.BB. of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) which covers paychecks, will be implemented. Following the implementation of this provision, all Flight Attendants will be paid for a month of flying over two paychecks: a Flight Advance on the 1st of the month, and the balance of their monthly pay on the 16th of the month with per diem for the previous month. Effective with the change, Semi 1 & 2 payments will be discontinued.

PmCAL Flight Attendants will be paid the following on the next three paychecks:

Feb. 16, 2018: January Flight Pay Balance, January per diem, optional Bridge Loan (if elected) 
March 1, 2018:  Flight Advance for February (49.7 hours/24.85 hours based on flying) 
March 16, 2018: Balance of pay for February, February per diem

Eligible pmCAL Flight Attendants who elected to participate in the bridge loan will see the amount listed on the left-hand side of their pay advice under an earning code named Bridge Loan. The bridge loan payment will be repaid in 10 equal installments. The repayment amounts will be shown as a reduction to net pay on paychecks starting April 1, 2018 and will continue for the next nine (9) paychecks. 

CMI Flight Attendants will have a minor change in the calculation for the 1st of the month Flight Advance. Instead of receiving pay for either 0, 30, or 50 hours, pmCMI Flight Attendants will now receive pay for either 0, 24.85, or 49.7 hours based on the previous month's paid activity.

 Note:  Contrary to certain public assertions and as published in the One United, the Bridge Loan proceeds are both tax free and interest free.

For additional details, including updates being made to the Pay Register and Pay Advice, please review the “Updates to Pay Register and Pay Advice Reference Guide” posted on Flying Together > Inflight Services > One United > Reference Guides, or by clickinghere.

A printed version of the “Understanding the JCBA Pay Methodology for pmCO” brochure is also available at your base.

MEC 9-12 – Profit Sharing Grievance
System Board of Adjustment

In June of 2012, MEC Grievance 9-12 was filed when Profit Sharing payments did not conform to requirements of Section 5.J.2 of the pmUAL Agreement and these deviations were made without the consent of the Union.  Presentation of the case before the System Board of Adjustment has concluded.  We now await the decision of the Arbitrator.

 April COLA & Job Share Opportunities
Central Schedule Committee

One month COLAs and JobShare opportunities are available for the April 2018 Flight Attendant schedule month.  Request must be submitted no later than Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 10:00 AM Local domicile time.

 Tumi® Luggage – Official Launch Date is March 16, 2018 – Luggage Required
MEC Uniform Committee

The company has announced that March 16, 2018 will be the official date for all Flight Attendants to carry their company-issued TUMI® luggage. 

With this announcement comes several other updates to the appearance standards of which we should all be aware:

  • Flight Attendants on duty must use the company-issued two- or four-Wheeled Carry-On TUMI.
  • Luggage dimensions must fit in United bag sizers and cannot exceed 9 x 16 x 22 inches
  • Luggage Tags are restricted to the TUMI blue luggage tag and one other conservative luggage tag.
  • Pre-merger insignia is not permitted on luggage
  •  Except for monogramming of the black Tumi tag on the bag, no other modifications are permitted.   Monogramming the blue luggage tag is not allowed.

TUMI® luggage program offers a five-year warranty; covering zippers, wheels, and handles. Any changes made to the luggage by anyone other than TUMI voids the TUMI warranty and the item will not be eligible for repair. Register your Tumi luggage at tumi.com by following the provided prompts and entering your 20 digit ID code. Your ID code is located on the bottom area of the backside of the bottom area of your luggage piece.

Additional questions should be directed to tumiluggage@united.com.

AFA and ALPA Professional Standards Announce "Union First" Campaign       
MEC EAP & Professional Standards               

As an AFA member, you have access to the AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards (EAP/PS) Committee which serves as an alternative pathway to addressing co-worker conflicts without management involvement. 

If you have an interpersonal issue on a trip with a flying partner, remember to "Contact your Union First. AFA EAP/PS has a great working relationship with ALPA Professional Standards Committee to help address conflicts that arise between Flight Attendants and Pilots.

AFA and ALPA Professional Standards committee will be issuing luggage tags with the "UNION FIRST" logo.  Professional Standards members are trained in conflict resolution, can offer a third-party perspective, and can support behavior change through awareness.  In fact, contacting your Professional Standards Committee often facilitates a quick resolution to most issues. This luggage tag is intended to remind all of us of the successful work of our respective EAP/Professional Standards Committees.  These tags will information on how to utilize the Professional Standards resource.

If you are flying a pairing/ID and you find yourself experiencing difficulty working with fellow crew members (Pilot or Flight Attendant), please contact a Professional Standards Committee member immediately. History has shown that involving the Committee immediately has helped many Flight Attendants and Pilots resolve their differences with maximum control over the outcome. When conflicts are reported to management and an investigation ensues, it does not always proceed as the complainant believes it will.  The Committee has repeatedly seen that management settles these disputes to their satisfaction, and unfortunately, to the dissatisfaction of the employees involved.

Sacred Days Off - Preceding/Following a Scheduled Vacation Period

Flight Attendants with upcoming vacations are encouraged to become familiar with the provisions of Section 12.C.4 of the JCBA. This Section of your contract was implemented, November 2016 and provides that days off preceding and following a scheduled vacation period as shown in a Flight Attendant’s schedule shall be considered part of that vacation period, if she/he so desires.

“Days off preceding and following a scheduled vacation” are based on the Flight Attendant’s original line of flying and are considered part of a Flight Attendant’s vacation.  Otherwise known as “sacred” days, these days are treated in the following manner:

  • The company cannot assign training on those days, unless a Flight Attendant has specifically bid for the training.  It is still the Flight Attendant’s responsibility to ensure that she/he maintains her/his qualifications.  If sacred days associated with vacation precludes the scheduling of training for pmCAL Flight Attendants, notify your supervisor to arrange for the scheduling of training in your grace month.
  • The company cannot schedule a meeting on those days, without the Flight Attendant’s consent.
  • The company cannot reassign a Flight Attendant to infringe on those days, if there is an ability to return the Flight Attendant to base before the start of a sacred day.
  • Flight Attendants may not be drafted on a sacred day.

NOTE: A lineholder who picks up open flying on one of the days off immediately following a vacation period has signaled the end of her/his vacation. Any remaining days off are treated simply as regularly scheduled day off - not as additional vacation days.

If you have additional questions on the application of this provision, please contact your Local Council Office.

 Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Benefits – Open Enrollment Ends February 23, 2018
MEC Benefits Committee

Recent questions suggest there may be some confusion about the closing dates of the current Voluntary Supplemental Benefits Open Enrollment period.  Open Enrollment will conclude on February 23, 2018 and there are limited in-person broker visits planned for some locations.  Flight Attendants interested in securing this voluntary coverage are not required to sign-up for benefits in-person.  In fact, you have the ability to sign up for these voluntary benefits via telephone or online until February 23, 2018. Visit each broker’s website, Design Benefits or National Group Protection (NGP), for details on how best to secure these benefits either on-line or over the phone if in-person visits have concluded at your location. 

Remaining Open Enrollment Periods by Domestic Domicile:

BOS               February 22 - 23
CLE                February 19 – 20
DCA at IAD    Contact Broker
DEN               February 11 - 19
EWR              February 11 – 17
GUM              Contact Broker
IAH                 February 18 - 23
LAS                February 19
LAX                February 11 – 17
ORD               Contact Broker
SFO                Contact Broker

Sign-up to Participate in Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study at O'Hare This Weekend              
AFA International

Flight Attendants interested in participating in the Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study may meet the Research team this weekend to sign-up, in face to face meetings at ORD. Researchers will be in Chicago O’Hare Airport, February 17-19, 2018 in Terminal 1, behind security. Additional information on this study and how you can participate can be found at afacwa.org

Alaska Airlines & Former Virgin America Flight Attendants Reach Agreement     
AFA International

The leaders of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), representing Alaska Airlines and former Virgin America Airlines, reached an agreement with Alaska Airlines on a joint collective bargaining agreement (JCBA) covering over 5,400 Flight Attendants.

You may read more about this important issue at AFA-CWA.org

Presidents’ Day
MEC Communications Committee

An American holiday celebrated each February, Presidents’ Day was established in recognition of our first President, George Washington. Traditionally celebrated on February 22 which was Washington’s actual date of birth, today Presidents’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February and has been combined to not only celebrate Washington’s birthday, but is now a day to celebrate all U.S. Presidents, past and present.

Reminders and Quick Links

Securian – Group Universal Life (GUL) Contact Information:  (866) 887-1043.

February 16     Standardized Payroll Process
February 19     President’s Day
February 20    
Deadline to submit Request for April COLA and Jobshare
February 23    
Last Open Enrollment Date for Supplemental Insurance
February 27    
Profit Sharing Disbursement

Additional questions should be directed to tumiluggage@united.com.

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