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AFA E-Lines: Oct 02, 2015

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  • Welcome Class 153
  • New CEO and Labor Summit Scheduled for October 15 in Chicago
  • Industry Update: American Airlines Passenger Service Agents Reach Tentative Agreement
  • FAA Carry-on Baggage Inspections Begin October 1st
  • American Airlines Anticipates Changes to Reservations System – Guest Pass Travel Embargoed
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Welcome Class 1531

We extend a warm welcome to our 61 graduating new Members of class 1531 to the line. Our newest flying partners will be reporting to our JFK and IAH domiciles for orientation on October 8, 2015, and will begin flying on October 10, 2015.  We’re excited to have these newest Members join us on the line.  Please join us in welcoming these Flight Attendants to our family!


New CEO Schedules Labor Summit for October 15, 2015 in Chicago
Shortly after learning of the appointment of Oscar Munoz as the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of United on September 8, 2015, United Master Executive Council (MEC) President, Ken Diaz, sent a letter welcoming him to his new position.  Ken requested that he meet with the United MEC Officers as his schedule permitted to discuss, among other things, the current state of our airline.

On September 14, 2015, Oscar sent a letter to the Union Leaders at United inviting them to attend a summit with other Labor Leaders in Chicago. According to Oscar’s invitation, the purpose of the meeting is twofold; to hear from Labor Leaders and to provide an opportunity for Oscar to share his vision of the future of United Airlines. The invitation indicates the summit, scheduled for October 15, 2015 in Chicago, will be informal.

We remain cautiously optimistic about our new CEO and look forward to having many meaningful discussions with him where we will take the opportunity to present our ideas and views relative to the future of United and, most importantly, the status of our ongoing negotiations with United Airlines. 

In news that is more recent United yesterday released an open letter from our new CEO, Oscar Munoz, which was published in major U.S. Newspapers including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune.  As part of this renewed initiative to improve our airline, United announced the launch of a new online “hub" to collect questions and suggestions for improvements – www.UnitedAirtime.com. Oscar appeared in the welcome video and briefly shares his thoughts on how we fly forward together. While not guaranteeing an answer to every question, suggestion or idea submitted, in an effort to engage employees and customers and regain their allegiance, a promise has been made to read and respond to as many of these messages as they possibly can.

Industry Update: American Airlines Passenger Service Agents Reach Tentative Agreement
Congratulations to our 15,000 CWA & IBT brothers and sisters at  American Airlines who have reached a tentative first contract!  The CWA/IBT Association is the joint bargaining group that represents agents at American.  Details of the industry leading tentative are being provided to Members. Read more here.

In September 2014, by an 86 percent vote, airport and reservations agents at American – formed by the merger of American Airlines and US Airways – overwhelmingly chose representation by the Communications Workers of America/Teamsters Association. 

FAA Carry-on Baggage Inspections Began October 1st
The FAA has advised United Airlines management that beginning on October 1st and continuing through the fourth quarter, onsite inspections of our carry-on baggage process will be conducted.  The focus of these inspections is twofold: customer compliance with United’s 1 + 1 carry-on policies and crewmember compliance whether working, deadheading or commuting.

During passenger boarding, the responsibility for monitoring carry-on baggage is shared by customer service and Flight Attendants.  Those items that are over the quantity and/or size limits are to be tagged and checked by customer service.  As a reminder, once an item is tagged by customer service to be checked, Flight Attendants should not remove the tag regardless of the availability of carry-on space onboard the aircraft.

In addition, the TSA will be conducting carry-on baggage audits at select airport locations.   For additional information, review the Inflight Safety Alert dated October 1, 2015.

American Airlines Anticipates Changes to Reservations System – Guest Pass Travel Embargoed
On October 17, 2015 the new American Airlines which will include former U.S. Airways flights, will undergo a complete reservation system change. We have confirmed with American Airlines there is a travel embargo on guest travel passes for five days: Friday, October 16 through Tuesday, October 20, that has been issued by the airline.  Be advised, this embargo may be extended in the event there are unanticipated problems with system cutover.  However, Reciprocal Cabin Seat travel is not expected to be impacted by this embargo.

We’ve taken the extra step today to check with American Airlines non-revenue desk about this planned reservations system change that will combine the systems of the two pre-merger carriers. Because we value these agreements and respect the work of our colleagues working at the American Airlines gates, during this period we ask that you ensure you are complying with all guidelines of the American Airlines Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements.  This includes making a listing via myIDTravel in advance of your flight.  To the extent that you are able to avoid travel on American/U.S. Airways over these dates or have other alternatives, you are encouraged to do so. 

Listing instructions under the terms of our Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreement can be found our website.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In our profession where more than three-quarters of us are women, breast cancer disproportionately affects all of us.  Beyond those afflicted by the disease are those who support, love and care for those who courageously battle Breast Cancer.  Often not contemplated is the incidence of this disease among men.  Each year, 2,350 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in men and 440 men will die from breast cancer.  While these are very sobering statistics, the good news is that breast cancer is treatable when caught early through self-examination and the use of advanced screening technology such as the mammogram.  The earlier breast cancer is detected the easier it is to treat. 

Collectively we’ve decided that preventative care is a priority within our community and have included Contract language in Section 33 which includes preventative care provisions for our Members under our medical plans.  We encourage you to take advantage of the medical opportunities that are available for your well-being.

In our very visible role as safety professionals, we have an opportunity to use our visibility to spread the word and increase awareness of the disease in order to improve opportunities for prevention.  During the month of October, we have the ability to draw attention to Breast Cancer Awareness through the pink accessories we are able to wear with our Uniform.  

Through this very simple action, we can express our support for those we care about while advocating for those who will benefit from this increased awareness.  As with all we do, there is power in our numbers.  The greater the number of us who participate in this initiative, the stronger and more widely spread is our message of awareness. 

In October, pink is powerful!  Together, we make a difference.  Join us in this initiative to increase awareness.

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