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AFA E-Lines: Mar 24, 2017

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  • United Airlines Completes Merger with Continental Micronesia
  • (UAL) - Participation in Galley Pay Testing
  • (CAL) - Special One Month COLA Offered for May 2017
  • CJA (Jumpseat) Awarding Harmonized for all Flight Attendants
  • (CAL & CMI) CCS Schedule Sharing
  • (CAL & CMI) Addition of Deadhead Booking Seat Assignments
  • Deadhead Deviation JCBA Implementation
  • “Copy to AFA” on IOR Form Relocated
  • (CAL) - Erroneous FM01 Positions in Language Qualified Bases
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United Airlines Completes Merger with Continental Micronesia

On May 1, 1968 with a Boeing 727-100 and a Douglas DC-6, Air Micronesia was formed and began operations on May 16, 1968.  For the past 49 years, the Continental Micronesia (CMI) employees have been integral to the success of their airline within the aviation industry.  In 2010 with the merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines, Continental Micronesia has been designated as a wholly owned subsidiary of the New United Airlines.  Effective April 1, 2017 we can now say that our brothers and sisters at Continental Micronesia will formally complete the merger process of all three pre-merger airlines.  We recognize the over 1,100 employees at CMI who will bring their great long history to our collective family.  We welcome our Brothers and Sisters to our United family.

(UAL) - Participation in Galley Pay Testing

AFA and Company representatives on the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) continue to work toward implementation of the terms of the JCBA.  In the coming weeks, it is anticipated that Galley Pay will be implemented.   While testing has been ongoing in a testing environment, in advance of the implementation, user testing of the automation in the field is the next step in the process.

To accomplish this testing, a large number of flights have been identified to support this testing.  A targeted e-mail has been sent to the united.com e-mail addresses of Flight Attendants on these targeted flights requesting their participation in this testing.    If you have received this request, we encourage you to reply.  Your support is an essential component in the successful implementation of our Contract.

(CAL) - Special One Month COLA Offered for May 2017

In accordance with Section 15.B. of our JCBA, the company is offering a Special One-Month COLA, for the May 2017 schedule month (May 3, 2017 through June 2, 2017). This Special COLA is considered a COLA with the addition of medical benefits offered at active employee rates. All other terms of this Special COLA are the same as a regular COLA. Please refer to the chart in Section 15.N. of the JCBA for details.

If you are interested in applying:

CAL: Please place your request on file in CCS. Under the Bidding tab in CCS select “leave jobshare” request (Do not place a request under the “Special COLA Request” at this time).  The deadline to submit your request for this May COLA is April 5, 2017, 10:00am local domicile time.

Scheduling will NOT be offering Multiple Month Partnerships or Multiple Month Leaves for the May bid month.

CJA (Jumpseat) Awarding Harmonized for all Flight Attendants

Effective April 2, 2017, the process of awarding the Cabin Jumpseat (CJA) will be harmonized.  As a result of this change, CJA will be awarded without consideration of pre-merger “metal” and will be awarded solely on Jumpseat Seniority.  

Jumpseat Seniority is defined under the terms of the JCBA as the Flight Attendant’s bid (SW Classification) seniority or company seniority (as used for pass travel) whichever date is earliest.

To be awarded CJA, Flight Attendants are required to have listed for the flight and checked-in no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to scheduled departure.  Flight Attendants who check-in after the thirty minute deadline will be awarded CJA on a first-come, first-served basis, to the extent consistent with the needs of the operation. 

As we have previously reported, at the Fall 2016 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council, the United MEC acted to direct the MEC President to engage management in discussions aimed at implementing the process by which the award of the Cabin Jumpseat (CJA) is accomplished consistent with the terms of the JCBA.  That is, by the earlier of company or bidding seniority.

Discussions with management centered around the fact that all other provisions of the travel programs are seniority based without regard to pre-merger metal.  We are pleased to report the outcome of these discussions was positive and management, responding to the advocacy of the Union, agreed to work to implement these provisions.

(CAL & CMI) CCS Schedule Sharing

Effective May 3, 2017 both Pre-Merger Continental (CAL) and Pre-Merger Continental Micronesia (CMI) Flight Attendants will have the ability to view (share) each other’s schedules in CCS and all Flight Attendants will be opted-in by default.

For more information please see the entire article on our website.

(CAL & CMI) Addition of Deadhead Booking Seat Assignments

Starting with the April schedule bid month, both Pre-Merger Continental (CAL) and Continental Micronesia (CMI) will be able to view their deadhead seat assignments in CCS.  Previously, only the PNR number was available. 

For more information on this process and the effected views of CCS, please visit our website.

Deadhead Deviation JCBA Implementation

Starting on April 3, 2017, the terms of Section 3.I.12. and 3.I.13. of Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) which covers the first and last segment deadhead deviations will be implemented.

The procedures for a Flight Attendant wishing to deviate from their deadhead at the beginning or end of an assignment are available on our website.

“Copy to AFA” on IOR Form Relocated

When filing an Irregular Operations Report (IOR) with the company, you have the ability to direct the company to provide AFA with a copy of the report. We recently learned of changes to the placement of the Copy to AFA on the IOR Reporting Form.

Copy to AFA was moved to an area on the form that was not intuitive to locate and was essentially hidden from view. Copy to AFA was previously located near the top of the reporting form and is now located in the middle.

When filing an IOR, always select the ‘Yes’ option to provide a copy of the report to AFA. This grants representatives from the AFA Safety, Health & Security Committee access to the IOR.

(CAL) - Erroneous FM01 Positions in Language Qualified Bases

During the past week, we’ve received reports in the MEC office of a number of FM01 (language) positions that were appearing on crew lists erroneously.  It has been determined there was an automation issue the result of which is the appearance of these pairings at HOS, LLS, SLS and NLS.  Automation teams are aware of the issue and are working to remove these erroneous positions from the crew lists within CCS as they will not be staffed.

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