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AFA E-Lines: Oct 25, 2016

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  • (CAL) Welcome New Hire Class 1637
  • Open Enrollment Closes this FRIDAY Oct 28th – Make Your Selections Now
  • Do Not Update United’s Link Operating System
  • 2017 Flight Attendant Schedule Months
  • (UAL) Vacation Bidding
  • (UAL) Company Offered Leaves of Absence (COLA) Information
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(CAL) Welcome New Hire Class 1637
Today, we welcome the 34 graduating Members of class 1637 to the line. Our newest co-workers will be reporting to IAD. They will report to their respective bases on November 1, 2016 for orientation and will be available to fly on November 4, 2016. Please help us welcome our newest Flight Attendants to our family. 

Open Enrollment Closes this FRIDAY Oct 28th – Make Your Selections Now
You can now make your selection for healthcare during the 2017 Open enrollment which is currently ongoing for active employees now through this Friday, October 28th, 2016. Retirees open enrollment dates are October 31, 2016 through November 11, 2016. It is important to go online to United’s Your Benefits Resources (YBR) site during Open Enrollment to compare plan summaries, their benefit levels, and monthly premium costs. Keeping in mind that each benefit plan is available for all 24,000 United Airlines Flight Attendants regardless of your pre-merger airline. 

For additional information please visit our website. You may also contact the United Benefits Call Center for enrollment support, questions, benefit information, and plan summaries at (800) 651-1007. 

Do Not Update United’s Link Operating System
United issued yesterday an Inflight Services Alert informing Flight Attendants that Apple has released a new operating system (iOS) update, iOS 10.1. With this new update the previous authorized iOS update, iOS 10.0.2, is no longer available. Regardless of the iOS version currently on your Link, United has stated to not update Link's operating system to iOS 10.1. United will advise Flight Attendants, when you are approved to do so.

If you have already updated to 10.0.2, do not take any action until further notice.

For questions contact United’s Link Support team at (800) 255-5801, option 1, option 3.

2017 Flight Attendant Schedule Months
Per section 5.D.1. (CAL), 7.C.1. (CMI) and 2.W. (UAL) of our Contracts United is required to publish the upcoming Flight Attendant Schedule months.  The following are the dates for the 2017 Flight Attendant Schedule Months for all three (3) pre-merger airline Flight Attendant groups:

(UAL) Vacation Bidding
The 2017 Vacation bidding process will begin on October 29, 2016. In preparation for this process, United will shortly begin clearing out the 2016 Vacation information and loading the initial data for 2017 vacations.

This process will cause any remaining 2016 vacation information to become inaccessible to Flight Attendants. If you have vacation scheduled for the months of November and December 2016 we recommend you go to your VACBID screen in Unimatic and print a copy of your 2016 vacation bid information before it is removed. Alternatively, you will need to contact the Flight Attendant Service Center (FASC), option 4/4, to request the information from the call center representative to retrieve your November and December 2016 Vacation dates in the event you are unable to print a hard copy.

Section 18.E. of the Contract provides the timeline for annual Vacation bidding and establishes October 29 as the date on which the primary vacation bid period opens. Prior to the opening of bids, there are a number of steps to go through. The first step in the process is the development of the Reserve Letter List by which Flight Attendants are assigned reserve rotation letters. These lists are now available in the domiciles. Sometime before Vacation bids open on October 29th, reserve letters and the 2016 vacation accruals will be uploaded in Unimatic.

The number of vacation days accrued and your vacation bidding seniority are based on Company seniority, which may be different from your Flight Attendant seniority. This is outlined in Section 18.B. of our Contract. 

Section 18.C. covers reductions in vacation. Vacation accrual will be reduced for Flight Attendants on Leaves of Absence, except Occupational Leaves, by 1/12th for each 30 days or major portion, on a prorated basis. Also, Flight Attendants in the Partnership Program will accrue vacation at one half (1/2) of the vacation accrual schedule in Section 18.B. Once these vacation accruals are finalized, the Reserve Letter and Vacation accrual information will be loaded into the Unimatic VACBID screens we use when bidding for vacation. This information will be available no later than the opening of bids on October 29th. More information on Vacation Bidding can be found on our website. 

(UAL) Company Offered Leaves of Absence (COLA) Information
The company has announced they will be offering four (4) month Company Offered Leaves of Absence (COLA) staring with the December 2016 Schedule Month, as provided under Section 15 of our new Joint Contract.

Bidding for this COLA will close Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 8:00am Central Standard Time.  Flight Attendants can submit their request using the Unimatic command LOAREQ. When completing the DIS page enter the schedule month dates of:

  • November 30, 2016 (11-30-2016) through April 1, 2017 (04-01-2017) 

Should you choose to bid for this COLA it is important to carefully review the company's Leave of Absence information, particularly as it pertains to insurance, pass travel, vacation and sick leave accrual. Leave of Absence status could affect these benefits and could also affect seniority accrual if on Special Leave status for more than 180 days in any 12-month period, as outlined in Section 15 of our new Joint Contract.

Flight Attendants wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should make an informed choice and consider the benefits and consequences of this and all Leaves of Absences.  Flight Attendants can download a copy of United’s Leave of Absence package by going to Flying Together > Inflight Services > Administration > Inflight Services - Flight Attendant Support Team > Leave of Absence Information. Please note once awarded a COLA you cannot rescinded.

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