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  • Company to Award Fout Month Special COLAs September - December 2017
  • Company to Award One Month COLA and Jobshare Programs - September 2017
  • "Stay Linked" iPad Drawing Deadline Friday
  • June 30
  • Safety Alert - New Tarmac Delay App Available on Link
  • Our Job is Not Done - Fight Aviation Fatigue!
Company to Award Four Month Special COLAa September - December 2017

Inflight Scheduling will offer four (4) month Special COLAs ( Company Offered Leave of Absence) effective for the September - December 2017 bid months. Crew Schedule Planning will determine the actual number of Special COLAs that will be awarded at each base, in seniority order.

All Flight Attendants projected to be active for the September 2017 Bid Month are eligible to participate in the Special COLA program.

The deadline to submit a bid for the September 2017 – December 2017 Special COLA is: 10:00am Central Time, Thursday, July 13th, 2017Special COLAs will be awarded before One-Month COLA & Jobshares.

How do I submit a bid for the Special COLA?

pmCO: In CCS, from the Bidding menu, select  Special COLA request. 

pmUA: In Unimatic, input your request in the LOAREQ screen.
Under Type indicate SP with the following date ranges: 8/30/2017 to 12/29/2017

Benefits While on Special COLA

Health and welfare benefits

Flight attendants on Special COLA will be eligible to maintain their health and welfare coverages at the active employee contribution rate for the duration of the Special COLA.  However, while on the Special COLA, payroll deductions for these coverages will accumulate for up to 2 months AND an amount of $750.00.  Once the accumulation reaches $750.00 and no payroll deductions can be deducted (due to lack of or insufficient wages) for two (2) months, Flight Attendants will be provided a direct billing notice for the premium balance by the United Airlines Benefits Center. 

If the Flight Attendant returns to work prior to reaching $750.00 and 2 months of missed deductions, the accumulated deductions will be applied to the first paycheck which could result in a zero dollar paycheck.

Life Insurance:
Once a Flight Attendant reaches three (3) months of missed deductions for GUL Supplemental Life Insurance, the Insurance carrier (Securian) will direct bill the employee. If the Flight Attendant and/or spouse or domestic partner participates in the Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance plan, the Flight Attendant may request to continue to pay premiums directly to the carrier for coverage on an individual basis.  If the Flight Attendant wishes to pay premiums or after 3 months has not received billing information from Securian, the Flight Attendant should contact Securian at (1-866-877-1043).   When the Flight Attendant returns to receiving a paycheck and wants to move back from direct billing to payroll deductions, the Flight Attendant must contact Securian to re-establish payroll deductions.

Long-Term care insurance plan
If the Flight Attendant is enrolled in the long-term care insurance plan for which they have payroll deductions, coverage may be continued on a direct-bill basis.  Contact CNA at 1-800-339-9527 to provide CNA with their current home address and request to be placed on a direct-bill status.  Flight Attendants can also contact CNA with questions about their coverage.    If the Flight Attendant moves to direct billing, direct billing can continue or the Flight Attendant will need to notify CNA upon RTW in order to resume payroll deductions.

Pass Travel Benefits
Flight Attendants awarded the Special COLA and their eligible pass riders will have pass travel privileges on United and United Express at their current boarding priority for the duration of the Special COLA. Flight Attendants may use their remaining, unexpired buddy and vacation passes for the duration of the Special COLA.  Pleasure travel benefits while on Special COLA also include non-revenue positive space (NRPS) emergency travel and Discount 20 eligibility.  Interline travel and SA9W travel is not available while on a Special COLA.

Pay and Vacation Longevity Steps
Flight Attendants awarded the September 2017 COLA will receive credit towards pay and vacation longevity (steps.)

Vacation Accrual
Flight attendants awarded the Special COLA will not accrue vacation during the Special COLA.

Vacation Periods Scheduled During the Special COLA Period
Flight Attendants will be paid for any vacation periods that are scheduled to take place during the Special COLA at a rate of 3:15 per vacation day.   Vacation will be paid within 45 days.

Sick Leave
No sick-leave payments are made nor do sick-leave credits accrue while on Special COLA.

2017 – 2018 Vacation Bidding
During the period of the Special COLA, (September – December 2017), the contractual vacation bidding process set forth in Section 12 – Vacation of the JCBA will occur.  Flight Attendants awarded a Special Leave of Absence should participate in the bidding process and submit a bid according to the contractual timeline.  Vacation bidding information will be made available through One United on the Inflight Home Page on Flying Together and on unitedafa.org.

For 2018 vacation bidding, all Flight Attendants will bid under the terms of the JCBA.  Vacation bidding allocations will remain separate for each pre-merger group. Please carefully review the upcoming communications regarding vacation bidding and options.

Outside Employment
Section 15.A.3 of the JCBA provides that outside employment is permitted while on Special COLA with company approval.  Flight Attendants must request approval from their supervisor by submitting a letter with the name of the employing company and include details of their new job responsibilities.  The purpose of this requirement is to ensure there is no conflict of interest between the new job and United Airlines.  Flight Attendants will receive a written response to their request for outside employment.

Union Dues
Under the AFA Constitution and Bylaws, when a Flight Attendant takes an unpaid leave of absence which exceeds ninety (90) days, she/he has a dues obligation for the first ninety (90) days of the leave of absence.  The AFA Bylaws controls the duration of any dues obligation and may be subject to change based on any changes to those Bylaws.  Questions concerning dues should be directed to AFA Membership Services at 1-800-424-2401 X707.

Company Cancellation of Special COLA
Special COLAs may be cancelled at any time provided the company complies with the requirements established in Section 15.B.7. and you will be required to return to active service.

Training Requirements During a Special COLA
As provided in Section 15.A.4. of the JCBA, a Flight Attendant may attend training while on leave and will be paid and provided with transportation and lodging as if she/he were in active service.  Flight Attendants may be required to attend training when on a COLA or a Special COLA provided that requirement is made known to her/him prior to accepting the leave.

Transfers While on Special COLA
A Flight Attendant on leave of absence my request and be granted a transfer.

A Flight Attendant on medical, maternity, or military leave shall continue in leave status following the award of a voluntary transfer

A Flight Attendant on COLA or Special COLA may request to continue her/his leave at the new base following the award of a voluntary transfer.  The Company may grant such request.  If not, the Flight Attendant shall return from leave status on the effective date of her/his transfer to the new location.

In the event of an involuntary transfer due to surplus or base closure, she/he will continue on leave and will be reassigned, for administrative purposes, to her/his new base as of the transfer effective date.

Return to Work

Early Return from Special COLA
A Flight Attendant granted a COLA may not return prior to the expiration of the leave unless approved by the Company.  The Company may agree to end a Flight Attendant’s COLA early in the case of personal hardship.

Scheduled Return from Special COLA
As provided in Section 15.A.6 of the JCBA, upon returning from an authorized leave of absence or any extension thereof, a Flight Attendant shall be permitted to return in the same status at the same base to which she/he was assigned prior to beginning the leave or in accordance with the involuntary transfer provisions of Section 15.A.5.d.

A Flight Attendant who is unable to return from a leave at the scheduled time due to personal illness, injury or pregnancy will remain on Special Leave of Absence status with the same benefits (insurance & pass travel) as stated in the Special Leave of Absence packet except for seniority accrual.  As provided by Section 15.E. of the JCBA, her/his seniority will be protected by the Medical Leave provisions for a period not to exceed the lesser of the following:

     The period of disability
     Three (3) years, or
     The Flight Attendant total length of active service with the company.

It should be noted that the medical leave will commence the day following the original end day of the Special COLA.

Company to Award One Month COLA and Jobshare Programs – September 2017

Effective with the September 2017 bid month, all Flight Attendants will be able to participate in a One Month Cola and Jobshare program.  The COLA and Jobshare programs are provided for under Sections 15 and 16 of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA).  Be aware that some provisions of these programs may still fall under your current pre-merger contract.

While the Company Offered Leave of Absence (COLA) programs were harmonized earlier this year, we look forward to implementation of Jobshares for pmUAL Flight Attendants and additional enhancements to Jobshares for pmCAL and pmCMI.  The following is a brief overview of the program for your review.

What is the difference between Company Offered Leaves and Jobshares?

One month Company Offered Leaves of Absence (COLAs) allow for an unpaid leave of absence.  Flight Attendants are responsible for the full premium cost for medical benefits for the duration of the COLA. (Refer to Section 15.B. and 15.N. of the JCBA.)

Jobshares provide for the sharing of a line of flying by two Flight Attendants from the same base, for a one month period. There are two types of Jobshares: matched and unmatched.

·       Matched Jobshare:   Flight Attendants select partners before bids open.  Both Flight Attendants will bid and specify each other as partners and these are awarded at the seniority of the senior partner.

·       Unmatched Jobshare:  Flight Attendants will bid without specifying a partner and will be awarded based on seniority and qualifications.

Who is eligible to be awarded a one month COLA or Jobshare?

·       In order to be awarded a one month COLA or Jobshare, you must projected to be active for the advertised bid month.

·       Bids must be submitted no later than 10:00AM Home Domicile Time on the 20th of the 2nd bid month prior to the bid month in which the COLA or Jobshare will occur.    In this instance, July 20th for the award of the September bid month.

·       If you are transferring, awards will be processed using your projected base assignment for the bid month requested.

How do these programs apply based on pre-merger affiliation?

The Jobshare program is new for pre-merger United Flight Attendants.
pmCAL and pmCMI Flight Attendants under the prior program were only able to make matched Jobshare requests. The language of the JCBA provides for Unmatched Jobshares - a new concept for all Flight Attendants.

How do I bid for these Jobshares and COLAs?

Beginning June 28, 2017, all Flight Attendants will use CCS to bid for one month COLAs and Jobshares for the September 2017 bid month and beyond with one notable exception

For the month of August 2017, to the extent COLAs are offered, pmUAL Flight Attendants interested in a one-month COLA for the August 2017 bid month will use Unimatic to bid.

All Flight Attendants will use CCS to submit a bid.

· pmCO and pmCMI Flight Attendants will log into CCS to submit bids.

· pmUAL will log into CCS to submit bids.  CCS log-in instructions can be found in the CCS Login User Guide located on Flying Together.

When do bids open and close for the September 2017 COLA & Jobshare programs?

One month COLAs and Jobshares are expected to be available for the September 2017 bid month. Bidding for the September 2017 programs will open on June 28, 2017. The bid period for the September 2017 bid month will close July 20, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Home Domicile Time.

Note:  The timing of the award of the September 2017 one month COLA and Jobshare is a change for pmCAL and pmCMI Flight Attendants.  Previously the bid period closed on the 5th of the preceding month.

What is the award process for bids for COLAs and Jobshares?

·       Requests for one month COLAs and Jobshares are combined into a single list, in seniority order. 

·       One month COLAs and Jobshares are awarded in the same process.

·       Matched Jobshares require both partners to submit a bid.  Each partner must submit a bid specifying the other partner in order to be considered.

·       Matched Jobshares are awarded based on the seniority of the senior partner.

·       Once all matched Jobshares have been awarded in conjunction with one month COLAs, in seniority order, if the opportunity to award additional time off exists, unmatched Jobshares will be paired and remaining COLAs will be awarded in seniority order.

How do Jobshares affect my benefits?

While on a Jobshare, a Flight Attendant will

·       Accrue vacation in accordance with JCBA Section 12

·       Accrue sick leave based on her/his pre-merger Contract

·       Compensation is paid to each partner based on her/his individual pay rates including overrides, premiums and incentives.

How are overlap ID/pairings handled?

A Flight Attendant awarded a one month COLA with a end of month ID that carries over (overlaps) into the month of the COLA, she/he may be required to fly the overlap ID.  By the end of the day on the 25th of the month preceding the effective day of the COLA, a list will be published in each base indicating whether flying the trip will be necessary.

Special Considerations:

Note:  All requests made by pmCAL and pmCMI Flight Attendants that were submitted prior to June 28 for the September 2017 bid month and beyond will be purged from the system. If you are interested in time off for the September 2017 bid month and you submitted a request before June 28, you must re-submit your request in order to be considered.

"Stay Linked" iPad Drawing Deadline Friday, June 30

On June 1st, 2017 we launched our system-wide campaign “Stay Linked” in an effort to foster and improve communication with the Membership. All AFA Members in good standing, who sign up for AFA E-Lines and Local Council Newsletters through the Stay Linked page on our website, may participate in the drawing to win one of five iPad Tablets. Even if you’re already receiving E-Lines and Local Newsletters, you can participate, as long as you enter to win.  To register, click the StayLinked banner on our website and fill out the form by midnight, June 30, 2017, CST.  On July 5th, five names will be randomly drawn to determine the lucky iPad winners, but time is running out. Only 3 days remain to enter. Good luck to all! 

Safety Alert - New Tarmac Delay App Available on Link

A new Lengthy Tarmac Delay (LTD) app is now available on your link. The icon should now appear on your home screen. No action is required to obtain the app. Once the new LTD app loads, it replaces the report inside your sales app. A LTD quick reference guide is available on Flying Together. Please familiarize yourself with the reference guide content prior to your next trip. Additional information regarding long tarmac delays can be found in the SOP section of your eFAOM, Irregular Operations Delays>Delays. 

OUR JOB IS NOT DONE – Fight Aviation Fatigue!

The House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee introduced the FAA Reauthorization Bill (H.R. 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act) last Wednesday afternoon. Our 10 hours minimum rest and Fatigue Risk Management Plan are in the base bill!  We did it!  But, we are not finished!
Your Action Is Needed More Than Ever. Our accomplishment is a huge step forward – we are half way there. Now we need to turn up the heat and our attention on the Senate. The Senate believes 10 hours, reducible to 9 is acceptable.  IT IS NOT!  It is a NO-GO item and we must make it clear to each of our Senators.  It’s time to flood their phone lines!

Make your calls now to 855-534-1774. You will be connected with your Senator. 
You must call twice to get both of your Senators. Tell them it’s critical that Flight Attendants get a minimum 10 hours rest, and not one minute less, in the FAA Reauthorization Bill.  When you call, you will be provided with a script and connected to your Senator.  Don’t wait!  The Senate is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, June 28, and we must ensure our voices are heard.  Flood the phone lines.  And remember, your family and non-airline friends can call too!  We can make this happen.  Let’s get to it!  Make your calls! For more information on our Equal Rest campaign, visit



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