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AFA E-Lines: May 26, 2015

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  • Limited Dependent Verification Underway
  • Marginal Service Reports
  • FAOM Bulletin #15 - Effective June 4
  • #PutOnYourPin for Solidarity: #SelfiesForSolidarity

Limited Dependent Verification Underway
As a reminder, United is once again in the process of verifying eligible dependents for which there may be no supporting eligibility documents on file. If you are among those notified that these documents are required, you must reply to the company’s communication and provide the documentation.  We do not want any eligible dependent(s) to be cut off from Health and Welfare benefits, including travel, simply because of a bad paperwork trail.  All questions should be directed to the United Benefits Service Center at 800-651-1007, Monday-Friday during the hours of 7:00am and 10:00 pm Central time.

Verification must be completed by May 28, 2015 to avoid termination of health and welfare coverage, effective May 31, 2015.  Between now and May 28, 2015, there will be a number of attempts to communicate with those employees whose files are missing this information.  In every case, you should follow-up with the company to ensure they have received the required information or benefits coverage will be terminated.  In addition, you can sign into the corporate benefits website at www.ybr.com/united for information specific to any company request for dependent verification.

Please visit our website for frequently asked questions and specific procedures on how to verify your dependents. 

Marginal Service Reports
United continues to make substantial changes to our staffing and service on our aircraft.  These changes have the potential to impact the safety and service to our passengers. The AFA United MEC website has a Report and Feedback Forms section where you will find the Marginal Service Report.  This report should be filed any time you encounter a situation where the service presented to passengers is below standard or where we are unable to complete the service according to established service guidelines within published time standards.

Provide us with detailed specific information on how the company changes are adversely impacting passenger safety and/or service on the flight and how it has affected your ability to meet the company’s service standards. It’s not a matter of indicating, “We had eight (8) Flight Attendants because that’s the company new “gold standard”.  What we need for you to provide is how the reduction and or service change has affected the service and how this impacted the passengers, lengthened the service or created other safety or service concerns.  All perspectives are helpful in assessing the impact of the change. 

The Reports and Feedback Forms section of the website is located in the Members only area of the website (a non public area).  To access this area you will need to use your login and password.  If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by accessing the Login Problems section of the MEC Website.  Note: only active pre-merger United Flight Attendants can access the Members only section of the website.

With your help we will be closely monitoring these changes in the staffing levels and service on our aircraft. If the staffing and service change creates a circumstance where marginal service conditions exist, the language in our Contract provides us with the mechanism to address and effect a change in the outcome not only for ourselves but, more importantly, for the passengers in our care.

For more information on the Marginal Service Report please visit our website or contact your Local Council.

FAOM Bulletin #15 - Effective June 4, 2015
FAOM Bulletin #15, with an effective date of June 4, 2015, is available in your domicile.  Please be sure to take time to review, insert and record Bulletin #15 into your FAOM prior to the June 4, 2015 effective date. 

#PutOnYourPin for Solidarity: #SelfiesForSolidarity
Our AFA pin ties us together as a group and reinforces our voices as Union Members.  It tells the world that more than just the color of our uniform or the tail of our aircraft unites us. It means that we are never alone. By wearing our AFA pin we are telling management, our fellow flying partners, and the world that we not only have the right to speak up, we will speak in one unified voice to beat back discrimination and advance the issues that matter to Flight Attendants. 

Our Contract guarantees no company policy or management representative can prohibit our right to show our Unity as a group by wearing our Union Pin.  As a show of Solidarity take a moment and post your #SelfiesForSolidarity on Twitter(@AFAUnitedMEC) or your favorite Social Media platform and display your Unity and Power with pride, don’t forget to tag us in your post. It is time to stand up, rebuild our careers, achieve our fair share of the profits we create, and advance the issues that matter to all AFA Members. Stand with your flying partners and #PutOnYourPin every single time you go to work.

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