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AFA E-Lines: Sep 27, 2016

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  • Welcome Class 1633
  • (CAL & CMI) Passport Surrender Procedures
  • United Flight Attendant Benefits Open Enrollment 2017
  • Questions about Effective Date of New Hourly Rates of Pay
  • Today Tuesday 27th is National Voter Registration Day!
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All communications will now be coming from one combined source. An image of your contract will be placed next to any information that pertains to the Flight Attendants working under that contract.  CAL is the green contract, CMI is the purple, and United is the beige contract.

Welcome Class 1633
Today, we welcome the 39 graduating Members of class of 1633 to the line.  Our newest flying partners will be reporting to EWR, IAD and ORD.  They will report to their respective bases(s) on October 4, 2016 for orientation and will be available to fly on October 6, 2016. Please help us welcome these new Flight Attendants to our family.

(CAL & CMI) Passport Surrender Procedures
Included in the 2016-2021 Contract and implemented with the September bid month, all Flight Attendants are required to carry their passports while on assignment.  The 2016-2021 Contract includes new language for the pre-merger Continental and Continental Micronesia Flight Attendants that address procedures when surrendering or having a lost or stolen passport. 

Pre-merger Continental Flight Attendants should follow the following procedure each time there is a need to surrender a passport for renewal and/or a visa, including when a passport is lost or stolen:

  1. Flight Attendants will be expected to call Crew Scheduling immediately upon surrendering or losing their passport.
  2. Crew Scheduling will then document the master schedule (CMMSME) with the following information:

a. Surrender Date

b. Surrender Reason

c. Planned Return Date

Crew Scheduling will follow the following guidelines once a passport surrender has been noted in the Flight Attendant’s master schedule (CMMSME):

  1. If a Flight Attendant is given a trip which requires a passport, the Flight Attendant is expected to inform Crew Scheduling that they have surrendered their passport.
  2. Crew Scheduling should check comments in Master Schedule (CMMSME) and bypass the Flight Attendant for assignments which require passports.
  3. If a Flight Attendant does not advise Crew Scheduling of the lost or surrendered passport and does not have the above information (see #2 Procedures for pre-merger Continental Flight Attendants), Crew Scheduling will document the Master Schedule that Flight Attendant does not have their passport and is not compliant with the procedure.  This information will then be forwarded to her/his Inflight Supervisor for follow-up.
  4. If a Reserve Flight Attendant is given an Airport Alert assignment they are required to inform Crew Scheduling if they do not have their passport.

a.  Flight Attendants who fail to inform Crew Scheduling at time of assignment or advise them and are later given a trip requiring a passport will be marked as withheld from service (WFS 476-without Pay)

 Pre-merger United Flight Attendants should continue to use the FAPSUR screen in Unimatic to document that they are not in possession of their passport.

NOTE:  When a passport is surrendered or lost, Flight Attendants will still be able to fly to Anchorage, Hawaii, San Juan, and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands without a passport.

United Flight Attendant Benefits Open Enrollment 2017
The ratification of a joint Contract for United Flight Attendants means change.  No matter which pre-merger airline you were affiliated with, there are new options and changes to benefits.  Benefits, in Section 29 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), are effective January 1, 2017. The United AFA MEC Benefits Committee has written a detailed description of the 2017 Benefit options for your review.  Please visit our website for the entire report as well as the PDF version.

2017 Open Enrollment Dates
United’s annual benefits Open Enrollment for 2017 benefit plans will begin October 10, 2016, and will close on October 28, 2016, for active employees.  For Retirees the dates are October 31, 2016 through November 11, 2016.

Questions about Effective Date of New Hourly Rates of Pay
Our recent communication to the joint Membership regarding the effective date of the recently negotiated rates of pay is generating a number of questions.  These questions have made it clear to us not everyone shares an understanding of the differences in the way Flight Attendants are paid between pre-merger subsidiaries.

Beyond the pay issue, this situation demonstrates that as we move forward as one group of Flight Attendants, there may be, for a time, differences based on the Contract that might need to be explained.  This is one such example.

Pre-merger United Flight Attendants who have worked a full schedule receive two paychecks each month – the 1st and 16th (or the business day immediately preceding the 1st or 16th – with the exception of New Year’s Day where, for W2 reporting purposes, we receive pay on the first business day following the holiday.)  The following is a description of what is included in each of these paychecks for pre-merger United Flight Attendants:


Pre-merger Continental (CAL) Flight Attendants are also paid on the 1st and 16th of each month (The amount included in that pay will vary if on jobshare.) However, what is contained in each of those pay checks differs as follows:



Because pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants are paid an advance of 25 hours of their September pay on the 16th of September, these Flight Attendants are seeing the Contractual pay increases in this advance check.  However, all Flight Attendants are being paid the increased rates of pay effective for the September schedule month. There is a difference in the schedule of these payments for the time being.  Eventually, we will all be paid under a model where we receive 70% of our base pay on the first of the month.  It will take some time to implement the process by which pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants will be converted to this system.

Pre-merger Continental Micronesia (CMI) Flight Attendants are also paid on the 1st and 16th of each month (The amount included in that pay will vary if on jobshare.) However, what is contained in each of those pay checks differs as follows:


For more information please contact your Local Council Office.

Today, Tuesday, 27th, is National Voter Registration Day!
Make sure you’re ready to vote in the Presidential and General Election on November 8, 2016.  Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Look for the Voter Information and Registration table at your domicile. Your Government Affairs Committee is working to ensure you have all the information necessary to cast your vote in the 2016 General Election. Election Day is November 8, and we encourage all Flight Attendants to vote early or via absentee ballot. Don’t let your flight schedule prohibit you from ensuring your voice is heard. In addition, National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, Sept. 27, and it's a great time to get on board and make sure you, your family and friends, are all set to go to the polls.

If you aren't sure if you are registered to vote at your current address, go to www.vote.org to check. Know which polling place you are assigned to (canivote.org) and what time the polls open and close.

Learn the voter identification requirements in your state. You’ll also find useful information and websites on our MEC Website at www.unitedafa.org/vote. If you are not registered to vote you don't have to wait until Tuesday, register now! Let's make sure our voices are heard at the polls and we elect those who will promote aviation safety and our careers as safety professionals and aviation’s first responders.

For more Election information, go to www.unitedafa.org/vote. Should you still have questions you need answered, email the MEC Government Affairs Committee at legislative@unitedafa.org.

Our Voice, Our Power, Our Vote!

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