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AFA E-Lines: Dec 12, 2017

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  • (pm-UA) - Mandarin Language Qualified Vacancies at LAX
  • (pm-CO) - Vacation Slide Request Page Available in CCS
  • Approved Holiday Adornment
  • Working Crew Holiday Buddy Travel
  • (pm-UA) - February One Month COLAs and Jobshares Available
  • Take Action - Stop the Tax Grab!
  • AFA Calls on Industry to Back Crews with Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment and Assault
  • Reminder Envoy - American Eagle Agents Rally for a Fair Contract Tomorrow - DFW LAX MIA & ORD

(pm-UA) – Mandarin Language Qualified Vacancies at LAX

 To support the anticipated LAX – SIN (Singapore) Service, Flight Attendants who are Mandarin Language Qualified will be needed at LAX.   It is anticipated that the effective date of the language transfer will be for the February 2018 Flight Attendant schedule month.   In an effort to fill these vacancies, a special Mandarin language transfer bid will open December 11, 2017 and will close December 26, 2017.

 Please note:  These Mandarin language transfers will be governed by the provisions of Section 12.S. of the pre-merger UA Contract -  “A Flight Attendant whose bid is accepted for transfer to a domicile in order to fill a Language Qualified position shall not be eligible to file another bid for domicile transfer for a period of one (1) year.”  Please be certain you consider this provision before submitting a transfer to fill one of these Mandarin Language Qualified positions.

 For additional information, please refer to the company’s Mandarin language Special Transfer Bid Instructions.

(pm-CO) - Vacation Slide Request Page Available in CCS

 Beginning December 15, 2017 all pre-merger CO Flight Attendants will have access to the Vacation Slide Request page in CCS.

 For more information about the Vacation Slide Request Page and the procedure please click here to read the full article on our website.

Approved Holiday Adornment

 During the month of December to celebrate the holiday season, Flight Attendants may wear one holiday accessory that is in good taste and does not detract from our professional image as Safety Professionals. All other appearance regulations remain in effect.

Acceptable accessories include the following items:


  •  Conservative holiday scarf
  •  Conservative earrings
  •  One holiday necklace
  •  Conservative hair barrette
  •  Holiday hose/socks (with slacks only)


  •  Conservative holiday tie
  •  Holiday socks
  •  One holiday pin

 The following items are not permitted

  •  Head adornments (antlers, Santa hats, halos)
  •  Holiday vests or sweaters
  •  Holiday aprons

Working Crew Holiday Buddy Travel

 Flight Attendants who are working Crew Members this holiday season are able travel with up to two buddy pass riders at the Flight Attendant’s pass classification seniority. This applies to domestic and international travel, and is available beginning December 18, 2017, and ending on/before midnight January 5, 2018.

 When making your reservation through United's employeeRes, remember to check the "traveling with working crew member" box so that your "buddies" are booked at the correct pass classification. You are required to notify the gate agent in person, when your "buddy" accompanies you at the city where they are boarded and at a connecting city with an aircraft change.

 Note: Travel is space available. Additionally, if your buddy is unable to be boarded on the flight to which you are assigned to work because seats aren’t available, they will be listed on the next available flight at the normal buddy pass travel classification and seniority.

(pm-UA) February One Month COLAs and Jobshares Available

 One month COLAs and JobShare may be offered for the February 2018 bid month. Interested Flight Attendants should submit a request no later than December 20, 2017, 10 am, home domicile time. Medical benefits at active employee rates are NOT included in this one-month COLA offering for February. Flight Attendants awarded this one-month COLA are not required to fly January carryover trips into February.

 For additional information on COLAs, reference JCBA Sections 15.B & 15.N. of our JCBA while Section 16 covers the provisions of the Jobshare program.

 The 2018 January One-Month COLA and Jobshare Awards have been posted in CCS.

Take Action: Stop the Tax Grab!

 Last week the Senate voted for permanent tax cuts for corporations along with incentives for outsourcing American jobs. Some working families will get a temporary tax cut, but lose the right to deductions effectively raising taxes while cutting programs working people and retirees need, like Social Security, Medicare and access to education.

 Every Republican Senator put Wall Street ahead of working Americans like all of us. But, your Representative can make the difference. Call now to tell them to vote against the tax bill that was written for Wall Street.

 Call your Representative now at 855-980-2331 to tell them not to give handouts to big corporations and hurt Flight Attendants and working families.

 We have one last chance to stop this. The Senate and House bills must be reconciled and voted on again.

 According to research done by the Tax Policy Center, to pay for the huge corporate tax cuts, the bill actually raises taxes for many working families. The bill caps deductions for state and local taxes, eliminating deductions for medical costs, and putting new taxes on educational and training benefits. Even so, there will be a shortfall, so passing the bill will trigger automatic spending cuts - including $25 billion from Medicare.

 These changes are going to come back to the House for a vote on a final bill, and your Representative needs to know that people like you are watching them and will fight against these irresponsible corporate tax giveaways.

 Tell your Representative you won’t stand for corporate handouts that hurt people in your community.

AFA Calls on Industry to Back Crews with Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment and Assault

 The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) calls on U.S. airline CEOs to renounce the past objectification of Flight Attendants, reinforce our safety role onboard and announce zero tolerance for sexual harassment and assault at the airlines. Alaska and United Immediately Respond and Take the Lead on Ending Sexual Harassment. 

 To read the full Media Release from AFA visit our website.

Reminder, Envoy – American Eagle Agents Rally for a Fair Contract Tomorrow

 If you are in the Chicago area on Wednesday, December 13th, please join us at O’Hare Airport in support of our Brothers and Sisters at Envoy in their quest for a fair contract.

 Envoy Air employees will picket and hold a press conference Tomorrow, December 13, 2017 at O’Hare and 3 other airports: Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Miami. Envoy, formerly American Eagle, is a regional carrier and is wholly owned by American Airlines.

 In November of 2015 Envoy agents across the US voted to join the Communications Workers of America (CWA). The group of 3,800 includes 300 at O’Hare, who work at the gates boarding American Airlines’ regional flights. The goal is to close the pay gap between regional airlines like Envoy and mainline carriers like American Airlines. Envoy agents’ pay is less than half of what mainline agents make for the same work.

 WHAT: News conference and informational picketing regarding ongoing contract negotiations with Envoy (American Eagle).
WHEN: Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 11 AM-1:00 PM
WHERE: O’Hare Airport, curved area between Terminals 2 & 3, upper level
WHO: Envoy Airport Agents
AFA-CWA representatives
Labor and community supporters

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