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Dear AFA: August 26, 2014

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Reported by Michael Williams

  • Day One of Master Executive Council Meeting
  • Women’s Equality Day
  • Sunday Earthquake in SFO Area
  • Special Screening of The Rugby Player Documentary Industry
  • Update: IAM Files for Mediation for Southwest Airlines Passenger and Reservations Agents

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Dear AFA. We are a democratic, Member driven Union of Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. Today is Tuesday, August 26, 2014 and this is Michael Williams, reporting. I am a Member of Chicago Council 8, and I am one of the 685.

Day One of Master Executive Council Meeting
Today, was the first of three days during which the United Master Executive Council (MEC) will meet in session during the Summer 2014 Regular Meeting in Chicago.  During this three day meeting held from August 26-28, 2014, our locally elected Leaders, who together form the United MEC, will conduct the business of our Union and discuss matters of importance to Flight Attendants.

The day began with reports from the MEC Officers: MEC President Ken Diaz, MEC Vice President Andreas Curlee, and MEC Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Heisey.  In addition, reports by dedicated representatives of our Central Schedule Committee updated the United MEC on their ongoing challenges and accomplishments.  The United MEC unanimously passed a resolution, welcoming our 111 to participate in our meeting.  MEC President Ken Diaz reaffirmed that these individuals, are still a part of our Union family at United.  Ken also explained following discussions with United’s Senior Vice President of Labor Relations Doug McKeen and Senior Vice President of Inflight Services Sam Risoli an agreement was reached to extend travel benefits for our 111, who are on involuntary furlough, until the end of the year.

A more detailed summary of each day of the meetings actions, will be posted on our website in the coming days.

Women’s Equality Day
For over 65 years, Flight Attendants have been fighting for women's rights in the workplace. Today, August 26, 2014, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day.  Women’s Equality Day was created in celebration of the certification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.  This year marks the 93rd anniversary of this historic day. It’s hard to believe that less than 100 years ago, women did not have the right to vote. Advocates such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Ida B. Wells devoted decades of hard work to ensure that women’s voices are heard. As a result, historic change occurred, forever transforming our nation as we took another step toward a more perfect union.

The history of our Flight Attendant Union is closely entwined with that of women’s rights. The original "Sky Girls" of our profession recognized the need for a Union that would advocate for their unique needs, establishing a great tradition that continues today. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA has been on the front lines of many of the most critical fights for our profession, from passage of the Equal Rights Act in 1964 and banning weight restrictions and pregnancy rules in the 1970s, to winning seniority protections and FMLA coverage for Flight Attendants in 2009.

Sunday Earthquake in SFO Area
Early Sunday morning, California experienced an earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale hit the North Bay area. It has been reported that the main impact of the quake was felt in the Napa and Sonoma valleys.  AFA and United have no reports of any Flight Attendant injuries however if you have been effected by this earthquake, and find you need assistance, please contract your Local Council, as AFA is ready and willing to offer support and assistance.

Special Screening of The Rugby Player Documentary
Tuesday, September 23, 2014, AFA-CWA International will be hosting a reception for our Members, executive board, allied organizations, White House and Congressional representatives and the greater DC community in Washington D.C.. This event will also include a special screening of The Rugby Player documentary.  This documentary follows the story of Mark Bingham, one of the passengers of the United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, and his mother, Alice Hoagland, a former United Airlines Flight Attendant.  This timely film provides keen insights for the debates on LGBT rights, marriage equality and gay athletes in sports.  To learn more about this film, visit on our website or visit www.therugbyplayerfilm.com.

Tickets will be available for purchase later this week. All AFA Members may purchase tickets at a special reduced price.  More information will be available later this week.

Industry Update: IAM Files for Mediation for Southwest Airlines Passenger and Reservations Agents
After more than two years of direct talks with Southwest Airlines, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) this week announced they filed for mediation with the National Mediation Board (NMB), which is the federal agency that oversees Contract negotiations in the airline industry. 

The IAM represents approximately 6,000 Passenger Service and Reservation Agents at Southwest Airlines and stated that they have never before had to utilize the NMB’s mediation services to achieve an agreement with the carrier. 

That’s all for tonight and thank you for calling.  Through strength and solidarity, we will continue building our collective future.  After all, it’s our future.

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