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Update on Crew Meals

Date: March 17, 2017
Type: AFA Article

In recent weeks, since the crew meal provisions of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement were implemented, our MEC Grievance Committees have received a number of questions on the proper application of the language in our Contract.

We’ve received a number of reports that appear to indicate a misunderstanding exists about the meaning of “business class quality or better.”  In some cases, it appears these inquiries are a direct result of the manner in which the food is presented on the crew trays.  Due to the space/galley restrictions, Chefs have designed a crew meal specification which includes the business components traditionally served in First/Business class but that fits on a tray and into the designated galley.

If you have concerns about any crew meals, please direct those to your Local Council office.  We will continue to work to address any areas where there is an actual or perceived inadequacy.

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