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E-Lines: April 14, 2017

Date: April 14, 2017
Type: Dear AFA

Spring AFA United MEC Spring Meeting and Elections Concluded this Week

The Spring Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) concluded this week in Chicago. In addition to conducting the regular business of the MEC meeting, elections were held for MEC Officers and Committee Members of the United Master Executive Council. Candidate’s credentials were reviewed before the following Members being elected or re-elected to positions in our Union:


The summaries from each day of the meeting and the election voting results are posted on the Spring MEC Meeting Page within the secure area of our website.


Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement PDF now Available

The completed PDF version of the 2016-2021 Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) is now available with a complete table of contents and index under the Contract Section of our website as well as on the AFA Mobile App.  The Agreement has also been pushed to your LINK. Hard copies of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement will be available in your domicile effective after the first week of May.

For more information please contact you Local Council Office.


Revision #20 and Electronic Flight Attendant Announcements Booklet Due in E-FAOM May 1, 2017

Beginning today, April 13, 2017, Revision #20 and the electronic Flight Attendant Announcements Booklet (eFAAB) are now available to download in your Manuals app. You will need to sync all documents. Please review the changes to the content prior to the May 1, 2017 effective date. 

For additional information see your Base Supervisor or stop by a Flight Attendant briefing center.


Wire Seals Improperly Installed on Portable Oxygen Bottle (POB) Flow Valves

Recently, a Flight Attendant was injured during an inflight emergency event as a result of the incorrect installation of a wire type seal on a portable oxygen bottle (POB). These wire seals do not belong on POBs.  The injury occurred after the crew attempted to operate three different POBs, where the flow valves were locked with wire seals unsuccessfully before they were able to find one on which the seal could be broken and the device operated.  The Flight Attendant was injured as a direct result of  breaking the wire seal that was improperly installed on the flow valve.

Use of this wire type device unintentionally, prevented the Flight Attendant from being able to initiate the oxygen flow on the POB.  AFA MEC Safety, Health and Security (SHS) Committee has advised Inflight Safety of this as of last week.  In response, AFA was advised there was an awareness of the problem and that work is underway to determine the root cause. 

Although we know it is important to determine how this happened, the right thing to do for safety is to proactively ensure that this does not occur to another crew in the middle of an inflight emergency.  MEC SHS advocated that the company put out an alert advising Flight Attendants to be on the lookout for the potential hazard in order to identify and resolve it prior to dispatch of the aircraft.

We strongly recommend, while conducting safety checks, that you pay particular attention to the POB bottles to ensure that there is no wire seal.  If there is one, please advise the Purser/Lead/ISM that a wire seal is present, so that discrepancy is brought to the attention of the Captain for resolution prior to aircraft dispatch.

Please file an ASRS (PM UA) or an ISAP (PM CO & CMI) to report safety issues/concerns associated with this hazard.  Alternatively, if you don’t believe this meets the criteria for an ASRS or ISAP report, you may file an IOR.  You may bring forward to your Local SHS any issues that you believe impact you as a United Flight Attendant. 


Galley Pay Implementation

Effective with the May bid month, the positions eligible for Galley Pay for pmUA and pmCO Flight Attendants will be expanded to include all domestic and international flights on B757 and widebody aircraft. Pre-merger UA Flight Attendants working premium galley positions on the 76C and 77W will continue to be paid as they are today. Pre-merger UA Flight Attendants working galley positions on other eligible flights will be able to submit Galley Pay requests using a new Link app, pmCO Flight Attendants will be paid automatically as bid positions.

Galley Pay harmonization is included in the JCBA Section 4.G., as described below:

"Flight Attendants working galley positions on B757 or widebody (2 aisle) aircraft shall receive an additional $1.00 for each block hour (pro-rated for partial hours) actually flown on such trips."

We will be sharing more information about Galley Pay and the new Link app later this month.  For questions or concerns please contact your Local Council Office

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