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JCBA Implementation of Sections 3 & 17 – Effective June 1, 2017

Date: May 5, 2017
Type: AFA Article

As communicated in the most recent One United publication, several of the provisions of Sections 3 & 17 of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) will become effective beginning with the June schedule bid month.  We encourage you to review these provisions.  

Section 3: General Provisions

  • 3.E  Crew Lounges: Company shall make a reasonable effort to furnish lounges with an adequate number of reclining chairs or couches at all locations where Flight Attendants are based.
  • 3.G  Crossing Picket Lines: Company will not require Flight Attendants to layover at any hotel whose employees are on strike and who are picketing the layover hotel or to deadhead off-line on any airline whose employees are on strike and who are picketing the airport(s) through which Flight Attendants must travel.
  • 3.K  Emergency Assignments: under emergency conditions where regular Flight Attendants are not available, the Company may staff flights with employees other than Flight Attendants up to the minimum FAA staffing requirements for the equipment used.
  • 3.L  Special Transportation: Remains of a Flight Attendant, or of a Flight Attendant’s spouse, children or parents shall be shipped on-line at no charge.
  • 3.M  Fly For: Company may utilize either Inflight management personnel or scheduled Flight Attendants to fly for a Flight Attendant(s) on a trip(s) as long as the affected Flight Attendant(s) suffer no flight pay loss.
  • 3.N  Insurance Indemnification: If a Flight Attendant is named as a defendant in any civil action for damages the Company through its insurers, will indemnify and save harmless the Flight Attendant from any money judgment or award rendered against her/him including a judgment for damages based on such Flight Attendant’s negligence.
  • 3.O  Locking Compartments: Company will provide locking overhead compartments on all aircraft as soon as reasonably practicable. Please Note: Currently Locking Compartments are being installed on aircraft as they are scheduled for heavy maintenance.
  • 3.P  Mailboxes: Company shall make available to each Flight Attendant an individual, physical mailbox at her/his Base.
  • 3.Q  Management Rights: Nothing, except as otherwise expressly provided, contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to limit the Company in any way in the exercise of the regular and customary functions of management.
  • 3.R  New Equipment: Company will notify the MEC President/designee of any decision to place new equipment into service. The Union will receive copies of all interior design plans, including revisions of such plans. The Union’s input to such plans will be considered during the design process.
  • 3.S  Nondiscrimination: Company shall not discriminate with regard to terms and conditions of employment based on age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation (including same-sex marriage), veteran status, or any other protected category under applicable law.
  • 3.U  Passes: Flight Attendants will be granted on-line passes and reduced rates for themselves and eligible family members that are extended to other non-management employee groups. Retired Flight Attendants and their spouses and eligible unmarried children will be granted the same on-line passes and reduced rate privileges as are other Company nonmanagement retirees.
  • 3.W  Railway Labor Act: During the life of this Agreement, neither the Company, the Union, nor the employees covered by this Agreement will cause, approve, authorize, or support any action inconsistent with the general purposes of, and general duties defined in the Railway Labor Act.
  • 3.X   Savings Clause: Should any part or provision of this Agreement be rendered invalid by reason of any existing or subsequently enacted legislation, such invalidation of any part or provision of this Agreement shall not invalidate the remaining portions thereof, and they shall remain in full force and effect. In the event of any invalidation, either party may, upon thirty (30) days’ notice, request negotiation for modification or amendment of this Agreement and negotiations shall commence within fifteen (15) days from the receipt of the notice.
  • 3.CC TDY: Flight Attendant duties shall include, from the time the aircraft door is closed until the time the aircraft door is opened, maintaining the tidiness and neatness of the aircraft cabins, galleys and lavatories, and restocking the lavatory supplies. The Company shall provide latex gloves for Flight Attendants’ use when tidying.

Section 17: Filling of Vacancies

  • 17.B  Moving Expenses: Successful bidders on Flight Attendant assignments to newly established Bases shall be considered as transferred at Company Filling of Vacancies   request and Section 26 [Moving Expenses] of this Agreement shall apply
  • 17.C  Alternate Transfer Procedure: When no bids are on file or are received, the Company may request any Flight Attendant willing to accept the assignment, or may assign the most junior Flight Attendant qualified, to fill the vacancy subject to certain criteria.
  • 17.D  Base Locations: The company shall advise the MEC President in writing ninety (90) days before establishing or terminating a Base location.
  • 17.E  Minimum Eligibility: Flight Attendant shall be eligible to bid vacancies (transfer) only upon completion of their probationary period.
  • 17.F  Mutual Transfers: When few or no vacancies exist on the system, the company shall consider requests by the MEC President or designee that the Company honor mutual transfer requests by seniority. Please Note: This section is intended to expedite transfers when two or more Flight Attendants have transfers on file to each other’s bases and they are the senior Flight Attendants with such transfer requests on file.
  • 17.J   Surplus Procedure: The company shall notify and confer with the MEC President or designee at least fifteen (15) days prior to bulletining a notice of surplus. This section also lays out the requirements on how and when a surplus can happen and the steps the company must follow.
  • 17.K   Surplus and Relocation Bidding: A Flight Attendant who must transfer because she/he is surplus or because of geographical relocation of Flight Attendant assignments may bid to another Base. If the bid is honored prior to the involuntary transfer, she/he shall be considered as transferred at Company request and the moving expenses shall be paid by the Company.
  • 17.L   International Bases: A Flight Attendant who transfers to an international base will receive two (2) round trip NRSA SA1B (or its future equivalent), non-revenue, no charge, space available passes per month to be used by the employee, spouse and/or dependents during the initial one hundred eight (180) days after report.
  • 17.M   Work Visa Issues: Flight Attendants who lose and/or are unable to maintain their legal ability to continue to work in the country in which they are based, and who are not covered by the provisions.

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