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E-Lines: May 12, 2017

Date: May 12, 2017
Type: Dear AFA

[UAL] Galley Pay Reminder for Overlaps from April

All domestic and international widebody and B757 flights with scheduled departures on or after May 2 are eligible for Galley Pay as provided for in Section 4.G of the JCBA.   

As a reminder, Flight Attendants who worked an open galley position on flights that departed on May 2 or later as part of an April pairing and are unable to submit for Galley Pay using United’s Link app, should submit the Galley Pay request using the Unimatic DSPFAC screen.  Please ensure that a “G” is placed in the ACT column and that the request is submitted no later than 1159 CT tonight, May 12, 2017. (This is a correction from the original information on Front Page News.)

It is important to understand that galley pay eligible segments that were part of April 2017 pairings were not pushed to the app.  For this reason, these segments must be manually entered via DSPFAC in Unimatic before the April IDs are house kept from the system on May 12, 2017.  

United Service Anywhere (USAW) Self Service Portal 

United Service Anywhere (USAW), is United’s self-service portal that provides employees with a one-stop resource to ask questions or obtain assistance from

  • Payroll Care Center
  • Employee Travel Center
  • Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST)
  • TakeOff: Learning Help Desk
  • HR Operations
  • United We Care
  • Corporate Badging
  • Absence Management

In addition to requesting assistance from these departments, USAW also allows employees to search an online knowledge base for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions or request certain service center transactions (also known as “Offerings”) from each of the available divisions listed on USAW.   Through USAW employees are provided access to information relevant to their specific position/job as well as more general information that applies to all employees.  The system is connected to your corporate e-mail account and responses are directed there for your review.

The USAW portal is accessible from the Employee Services section of the company’s website. In addition, a link to a full USAW portal tour can be found by accessing the icon on the upper right hand corner of the landing page for USAW.  We encourage you to review this resource as a means of obtaining answers to commonly asked questions.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council office.

[UAL] Resources for Using the Galley Pay App

Section 4.G – Galley Pay went into effect with the May bid month. Pre-merger United Flight Attendants working open galley positions now submit their requests for Galley Pay through a new app on your United Link. Several resources are available to assist Flight Attendants with understanding the use of this app.  These resources include a pocket sized Galley Pay brochure that is now available in your Local domicile, a full user guide available on your Link device and on our website, and an instructional video available on United’s Flying Together website.

Link Support Information on unitedafa.org

We have recently added a Link Support page to our website that is accessible from our Quick Hits menu on the front page of our website. This page provides domestic and international phone numbers to contact United’s Link support team for assistance with a lost, stolen or inoperative Link device. Due to the sensitive nature of the information listed on this page, the information is stored in the Members Only Section of unitedafa.org and a log-in is required to access this information.

As a reminder, if the LINK or Sled is not working, is lost, stolen or damaged, or the eFAOM cannot be accessed, the first point of contact should be United’s LINK support Hotline to initiate the replacement process. 

If you have additional questions, contact your Local Council Office.

Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14th, is Mother's Day.  It is the day we nationally celebrate and honor maternal bonds, motherhood and, most importantly, the mother of our family.  On this day during the year we acknowledge all of the women in our lives who have been instrumental in our development and refinement contributing their personal best in order for each of us to become the individuals we are today. 

Across the years, our Union has made dedicated efforts to change the social dynamic and to ensure women could marry and have children all while remaining a vibrant part of our work force of Safety Professionals.  These remarkable women have simultaneously made a commitment to our profession as they have brought their unique skill sets to the job and contributed in building our careers to infuse the diversity that makes us stand out in our industry today. 

This weekend, wherever we are and whatever we do, let’s do our personal best to recognize those mothers who will spend their Mother’s Day away from their families.  In particular, we should recognize those amongst us who, through their commitment to our profession, will make it possible for other mothers to spend time with their families. 

Let’s also keep in mind this weekend those who have lost their mothers.  Each of us has a unique connection with our mother through a bond that can never be replaced by another.  It is through this bond that we have a connection with each other, the connection of the heart.

Whether you are flying or celebrating Mother’s Day, on behalf of the entire United Master Executive Council, we wish all the Mothers a safe and enjoyable Mother’s Day holiday. 

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