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Auto boarding on Flights with Flight Attendant Badge Readers

Date: May 16, 2017
Type: AFA Article

Recently there have been some questions on the subject of autoboarding – what is it?  When can it be used?  What is the procedure?  Does this apply only to widebody aircraft?

Autoboarding is the process by which customer boarding begins at the agreed upon time after the gate reader opens.  The lead/purser and the CSR should brief to ensure a common understanding that autoboarding will be used and to establish a clear, mutual understandin

g of the boarding time prior to the Flight Attendants boarding the aircraft.  This process replaces the need for face-to-face or jet bridge telephone contact before boarding begins and can only be used in those circumstances where there is functioning gate reader equipment.  This is essential because the CSR relies upon the gate reader to determine the required number of Flight Attendants is on the aircraft for customer boarding.

Autoboarding is not limited to any specific aircraft type or operation but is reliant upon the presence of a functioning gate reader capable of scanning Flight Attendant badges.    If there is not a functioning gate reader or if the crew badge scanning software is not installed, the CSR must use the crew list to verify the required number of Flight Attendants has checked in.  Further, the CSR must confirm through direct verbal communication with the purser/lead that the required number of Flight Attendants is onboard the aircraft prior to initiating customer boarding.

We recommend that you institute, during the briefing, a contingency plan for communicating any unforeseen issues that could delay or prevent autoboarding.  As in all we do, effective communication is essential to ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations.

For additional information, please contact your Local Council Office.

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