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AT&T Workers Start 3-Day Strike in Contract Impasse

Date: May 19, 2017
Type: AFA Article

40,000 AT&T workers will go out on a three day strike starting Friday afternoon at 3 pm eastern time.  There will be strike picket lines running in 36 states and Washington, DC. The strikers will return to work on Monday.  

Of the 40,000 on strike, 21,000 are wireless workers - both call center and retail in 36 states and DC - and landline members in California, Nevada, and Connecticut, and DIRECTV technicians across California and Nevada.

This will be the very first time the wireless workers at AT&T have ever gone on strike and may be the biggest strike of retail workers at a national company in U.S. history!   

More on the strike and efforts to reach an agreement.


Here is the list of picket locations. Let’s stand with our CWA brothers and sisters at a location near our homes and be part of making history! Also, we can play an integral part in helping spread the word to encourage other AFA members to show solidarity on picket line.

We are all in this effort to protect good paying, Union jobs!  Stronger together!  Better together!

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