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Offering You a Non-Management Pathway to Address Concerns with Flight Attendants, Pilots and Customer Service Agents

Date: June 9, 2017
Type: AFA Article

Conflict – it’s everywhere.  You can experience it in public places.  You can experience it at home. You can also experience conflicts at work especially if co-worker cooperation affects how you do your job, like it does for Flight Attendants.  If you were to count how many conflictual situations arise in the normal course of doing life, even for just a one-week period, you'd be amazed.

Workplace conflict isn’t always negative.  In an atmosphere of mutual respect, clashing differences can lead to creativity, newness and growth.  But if conflict is left unresolved or shifts to what feels like a personal attack, it can affect professionalism and the ability to function cohesively as a crew can be impacted.

As Flight Attendants, we're trained to manage the conflicts that arise with our passengers. But what happens when we have conflicts with a fellow Flight Attendant, a Pilot or Customer Service Agent?  Do you feel like you have the tools and the skills to resolve conflicts with your co-workers?  Sometimes we do.  We just need a place where we can vent and organize in our own mind how we'll approach the situation to keep it constructive. Sometimes, we don’t, but we're willing to learn some new communication skills with a little coaching. Other times, we need someone else to bring the situation to our co-worker’s attention.  Under all these conditions, the AFA EAP can help you.

Through the Professional Standards service of the AFA EAP, you can contact your local EAP Committee members and confidentially share your problem with a fellow employee.  Together, you and your local EAP representative will come up with a resolution plan that makes best sense for you and your concerns.  Your identity and information will remain confidential, unless of course you give your AFA EAP permission to share it.  AFA’s EAP Professional Standards program is designed to empower you to address your workplace conflicts either directly or through an AFA EAP representative. So if you'd like someone to listen to your concerns and to help you develop an action plan that feels right for you, give us a call.  Your AFA EAP has active working relationships with ALPA and IAM peer representatives to address Professional Standard concerns between our respective members.   

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