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Upcoming Information for New Vacation Process

Date: August 1, 2017
Type: AFA Article

For 2018 vacation bidding, all Flight Attendants will bid under the terms of the JCBA as outlined in Section 12.  Over the course of the next few weeks, additional information will be made available to assist everyone in understanding how the new vacation bidding process has been implemented.   There are changes for Flight Attendants from all pre-merger subsidiaries.  This is an excellent time to share information with our colleagues having experience in their respective pre-merger vacation process.  For example, Flight Attendants having had experience bidding vacation under the pmCAL provisions are familiar with how vacation “splits” work while Flight Attendants having experience bidding vacation under the pmUA agreement have had experience with vacation start dates and not “fixed” vacation periods.

To date, in our communications we’ve outlined the Contractual vacation timeline:

September 25 - Begin vacation buy back and Flex Election Period

October 15 - Close election period

October 23 - Begin first vacation bid period

October 31 - Close first vacation bid period

November 4 - Post first vacation awards

November 8 - Begin second vacation bid period

November 16 - Close second vacation bid period

November 20 - Post second vacation awards

November 24 - Vacation allocations published

November 30 - Vacation trades awarded by seniority 

December 4 - Final vacation allocations published 

December 5 - Instant vacation trading opens

As part of the next step in the process, 2018 Reserve Letters for pmUA Flight Attendants are expected to be available on or around September 23.  This is the Contractual Reserve letter list that is required to be available in the month prior to the start of the annual vacation bidding process.  As we have every year, Reserve Letters will be assigned to every pm UA Flight Attendant with the exception of those in the top 25% of the domicile and those who have not yet achieved their fifth year anniversary. 

A vacation instructional booklet containing the recommendations of the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) will be published and available in the near future.  These publications will include specific bidding details and emphasize important dates for the process. All Flight Attendants’ 2018 vacation accrual will be based on the vacation accrual year from September 2016 – August 2017. Everyone will have the ability to “practice” the new vacation system via CCS, by the end of August.

Please carefully review the upcoming communications regarding vacation options.

If you have any additional questions please contact your Local Council Office.

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