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Talk About It, Don’t Write It Up. - What is Professional Standards?

Date: August 4, 2017
Type: AFA Article

When you go to management to report a flying partner or another employee, the consequences can be severe for all parties involved. The Professional Standards component of AFA EAP exists to assist Flight Attendants in any area that affects professional conduct. It is important for everyone to take responsibility for creating a cooperative, respectful and tolerant work environment. If conflict does occur, take the initiative to deal with it respectfully.

We encourage the resolution of any conflict by trying to discuss the specific behavior or area of contention with the individual involved and find an acceptable solution. We recommend that flying partners approach each other and speak about the problem in a calm, non-threatening manner out of the view of passengers. Sometimes it is better to wait until after work, off the airplane, when both have had some time to think more clearly about the matter.

Above all, keep it professional. If a discussion does not seem to be productive, call your AFA EAP Representative to discuss a Professional Standards matter. The AFA EAP is a voluntary and confidential service of your Union. We can help you to work out any difficulty and avoid “writing up” flying partners or other employees, where both parties may then potentially be subject to disciplinary action.

As part of AFA’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we have trained Professional Standards volunteers available to you in every domicile. After listening to your concerns, EAP representatives will follow up on the situation and pursue the appropriate action necessary. Because confidentiality is the cornerstone of AFA’s EAP, Committee representatives will not report back to you concerning the Flight Attendant or any recommendations that were made during any follow-up conversations. Together, we can keep each other safe.

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