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Pulling Together – A Labor Day Tradition

Date: September 1, 2017
Type: AFA Article

We’ve received a number of inquiries from Flight Attendants asking how they can assist other Flight Attendants in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  As Flight Attendants, we’re hard wired in wanting to step in and help those in need.  Uniquely, we’re not only prepared to but we are also willing to do whatever is necessary to support our flying partners.  We know there is an incredible desire to send items of food, clothing and other necessities to people in the affected areas.  However, shipping those supplies into the area where transportation is difficult at best will only compound the adverse conditions in the area.

The immediate need for most people in the storm-damaged areas are things we simply can’t assist with from a distance.  For those of us in the Houston area who fortunately escaped the wrath of the storm and have the ability and means to assist, we’ve set up a Hurricane Harvey Information resource page on the MEC website.  We have created a Sign Up to Volunteer link that will allow you to identify those unique areas where you may be able to assist our Members in need – providing transportation, child care, pet sitting, cooking, etc. 

Additionally, many of our Members are having difficulty getting to work because the demands of daily life are so overwhelming.  As they work to ensure a safe place to live for their families, they are unable to get to work. For these individuals, the challenges of daily life and the demand for financial resources are overwhelming. As you know, because these individuals are having difficulty getting to work to cover their assignments, management is asking each of us to consider doing a bit more and, in exchange, we’re being offered an additional incentive to cover these open flights.  Given this additional resource, we are asking each of you to consider picking up a trip over the next several days.  If your personal situation allows, consider using these additional funds to assist our flying partners by contributing to the AFA Disaster Relief Fund or the United We Care fund.

Together, our efforts must be directed at restoring full service at our Houston hub. Many of our colleagues rely on this service to get to/from work and for their livelihood.  Now, more than ever, for some their well-being and that of their family is reliant on our collective efforts. Please do your part to assist our flying partners who have been devastated by this terrible natural disaster.   

This weekend we celebrate our holiday – Labor Day.  We recognize our collective contributions and accomplishments where, having come together we’ve improved our lives.  In celebration of this event, let’s continue to do all we can to benefit those in need. Together, we can accomplish many things and there is no greater accomplishment than helping someone in need.  Thank you for all you continue to do to help one another.

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