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Practice the New Vacation Bid Process on CCS

Date: September 1, 2017
Type: AFA Article

To assist Flight Attendants in becoming acquainted with bidding and navigation of the vacation bidding process, a simulated vacation bidding environment has been created and is now available for your use.   Through October 20, 2017, Flight Attendants will have the opportunity to practice vacation bidding using the following hands-on bidding scenarios:


·       Bidding with a partial day off

·       Bidding with less than 12 days

·       Accrual of Maximum Days (40 Base + 7 Flex)

·       Adjusted Accrual

·       Adjusted Accrual + Flex Vacation

·       Less than one (1) year of service

·       Unpaid Flex Vacation

·       Various Seniority Levels for Bidding


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