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Smart Bag Policy Change Applies to All Passengers, including Crewmembers

Date: January 12, 2018
Type: AFA Article

MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee

Effective January 15, 2018, the new policy regarding smart bags will go into effect. Your MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee would like to make sure you are aware of this change.

Smart bags will only be allowed on board the aircraft, whether cargo or carry-on, if the batteries are removable from the bag. Once removed, the batteries may be transported in the passenger’s carry-on baggage.  Any bag, in which the battery cannot be removed is not allowed on any United or United Express flight. Passengers are advised of this policy through multiple channels, while booking, check-in screens, gate announcements as well as on united.com. If you are made aware of a passenger traveling with a smart bag and the battery cannot be removed from the bag, redirect the passenger to the Customer Service Representative (CSR) then inform the captain. This policy requiring the removal of the battery applies equally to crewmembers.

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