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Trading Vacations of Unequal Lengths (Trading Down) – When will I be paid?

Date: February 2, 2018
Type: AFA Article

MEC Central Schedule Committee

The January 23, 2018, edition of E-Lines explained that Flight Attendants have the ability to trade vacation periods of unequal lengths, which means Flight Attendants can “trade down” into fewer days of vacation and will still be paid for the value of the “lost” or unused vacation days. We received many inquiries as to when the “lost” or unused days would be paid. Sections 12.B.1 and 12.B.2 of the JCBA are in effect and detail that vacation days are paid at 3:15 per day at the Flight Attendant’s applicable hourly rate at the time vacation is taken. If you choose to “trade down” the days “lost” or unused days would be paid in the original month they were awarded. 

For example:

You have 10 days of vacation in September 2018 and trade down to five days in May 2018. You will be paid five days in May and the remaining five “lost” or unused vacation days in September based on the original vacation period awarded.

For a detailed review of how to process a Vacation Trade Down please see the article Trading Vacations of Unequal Length on the United MEC Website.

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