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Protecting the Continental Airlines Retirement Plan (CARP)

Date: May 16, 2011
Type: AFA Article

Continental Flight Attendants currently participate in the Continental Airlines Retirement Plan (CARP), which provides a measure of security for their retirement.

For over five years the Machinists have been trying to influence their current Members into believing that the CARP must be frozen and the IAM National Pension Plan is the right and only answer for the combined workgroup. Twice Continental Flight Attendants have rejected this notion, and the fact is there is no reason the CARP should not survive this merger. United has testified before Congress the viability of the Plan, and no other work group at Continental who belongs to this Plan is even talking about it, let alone trying to convince it's Members about the need to freeze it.

We know firsthand the devastation associated with a retirement plan being frozen or terminated.

The right thing to do is to fight to maintain this Plan for the benefit of Continental Flight Attendants now and to provide an option for all Flight Attendants in the combined workforce when we engage in Single Contract Negotiations.

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